About me

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Hello beautiful people,
My name is Hannah McSwain and I am 20 years old living in Tampa, Florida. I am a newly market partner for Monat. I am a full time student at the University of Tampa. Although I am working towards my major, I want a jump start to a career sooner than later. This is my chance and opportunity. My goal is to make a family and to be successful and happy, therefore, I am making the time and effort taking off with this business.

I love hair and especially when it comes to mine! My hair defines who I am. This is me. My hair is beautiful, strong, and healthy.

The opportunity

Interested in what I do?

Hannah, what the heck do you even do?!

I share my favorite naturally based products and help provide others with an opportunity to generate an income from utilizing social media.

It’s honestly that simple!

This opportunity can provide an uncapped income for you and so much more! Stop holding yourself back, and reach out. Ask questions. Take risks.

What would an extra $100, $500, $1000 a month do for you?

Don’t leave room for β€œwhat if”

Invest in yourself - invest in your future

Nothing changes if nothing changes