who is han?

hello! my name is hannah curran, and i'm a senior at cu boulder pursuing a bs in creative technology & design.

i love digital content curation, graphic design, motion graphics, 3d modeling, exploring my style through fashion, and interior/home design!

what i'm doing now (all linked in insta bio)...
- i own my own sticker shop and graphic design business, @whoishan!
- i'm a social media intern for the @chatterclub!
- i'm a campus representative for vs pink @pinkcuboulder!

if you're interested in seeing some of my work, my blog is linked below. need custom stickers, logos, branding or graphic design services? dm or shoot me an email at [email protected]!

let's connect!

places you can find me and my work...

Shoutout Colorado Article!

i had the absolute pleasure of doing an interview for my biz, @whoishan, with Shoutout Colorado! thank you so much for the feature!


i started my own stickers business, whoishan, back in may 2020! my mission is to share my art in an affordable and accessible way (aka stickers)!

if you want a custom sticker or digital print, shoot me an email at [email protected]!

pink cu boulder

victoria's secret pink has a campus rep program for over 150 schools across the u.s. and canada! campus reps are responsible for...

- increasing brand awareness through multiple social media platforms, including instagram, tiktok, twitter, and facebook.
- creating content that promotes PINK's values of sustainability, philanthropy, and mental health awareness.
- recruiting and interviewing 5 students for CU Boulder's PINK Campus Team.
- planning and organizing events (virtual, but hopefully in person) and giveaways by working directly with VS PINK.
- connecting with local brands and businesses for partnerships and donations for events.

this is my second year a vs pink campus rep and i couldn't be more thrilled!

princess polly

get 20% off your order when you use my affiliate link! <3

the chatter club

i'm a social media intern with the chatter club, a pr and marketing agency based in denver, co.

i work closely with up and coming brands to create social media content such as story highlights, GIFs, graphics, and videos for instagram, tiktok, and pinterest!

i'm currently working with @drinkmadlemon and @drinksovi, creating content for both of their instagram accounts!


i'm always looking to meet and connect with others!

her campus cu boulder

i've been a writer for her campus at cu since 2020! i've written articles covering topics from reviews and recommendations to fashion and sustainability ☻︎

want an article written about you or your business? dm me!


i love designing GIFs and i currently have over 13 million GIF views for @whoishan!

i've also designed GIFs for the chatter club (@thechatterclub on giphy).

in need of some custom GIFs? just holler!