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Welcome to my thread shop:)

Hi! I’m so glad you popped in to see what I have made for you


A little bit about me:)

Hey! My name is Hannah. I am 14 years old and I am a sophmore in high school. I am on my highschool’a soccer team and I am in the marching band.


I have lost multiple important people in my life to cancer. It was terrible what my family and I had to go through, and for that reason I am donating 10% of my earning to the American Cancer Society to help others who are affected by cancer.

Order Timing

How long should you have to wait for your order?

Each bracelet or keychain takes about 1-2 days to make. If you need an order by a certain date please include that in your order so that I can get it to you in a timely fashion. If you are needing them for a group of about 7 or larger and by a certain date please give me two or three weeks (if possible) to get your order done with top notch quality. If you are not sure how much time to give me for your orders take the quantity you are ordering and multiply it by 2 and that will give about the number of days you should try to get me your order in advance.

Quick Reminder

I am a high school student!

Right now it is important to focus on school and sports. School will always come first, and soccer and marching band second. It is especially important for me to focus on my teams during the fall so that I can do my best I can for myself and the rest of my team. If your order gets pushed back due to these things I will make sure you know and I will get your order to you as soon as I can:)