The Village Essentials

My momma always told me it takes a village and we would love to welcome you into ours. Our team is called the Village Essentials and we are hear to help hold your hand to walk through this journey at whatever speed you need to. There is always room at our table!

I’m Hannah. Girl mom of three. Fire wife to a fearless husband. We LOVE spending our time together as a family and we would rather spend time together healthy and well because our goal is to have the best day ever every chance we get. 😊

Three years ago, we were not having our best days ever though and after spending way to much money constantly being in the doctors office with my 5 month old and I was searching for ways to make changes in our lifestyle. Our first step was getting our starter kit. Sleep is so important to your health and we for sure wasn’t getting any. The first night I diffused lavender the entire house was asleep in 5 minutes and I was like ‘woah’. We haven’t looked back since.

October Promos


🍂 100pv: Free Shipping

🍂 190pv: AromaEase 5ml
Ravintsara 5ml *** ER Exclusive

AromaEase is one that Young Living always seems to give when we are traveling overseas because people who deal with travel sickness LOVE having this in their back pocket. AromaEase is like Digize without the stinch.
I love keep it in the car when I feel queasy.

Ravintsara is perfect for this time of year in the diffuser for respiratory support, in homemade chest creams, and on the kids feet before heading out to the park!

🍂 250pv: Inner Defense

Repeat after me: "Inner Defense Is a Staple Product".
Why? It's a premade pill capsule of Thieves, Oregano, and Lemongrass. Can you imagine why you'd want that on your shelf this time of year? Once upon a time I ran out of Inner Defense and it was not a good time. This is one that I don't take routinely, rather I save it for those times in need. Especially during winter.

🍂 300pv: Spiced Tumeric Herbal Tea (15 ct)

A perfect Autumn Tea! I like adding a little splash of my favorite creamer to mine for a warm afternoon beverage.

🍂 400pv: YL Mug
I love supporting artists and mothers, and this mug accomplishes both! Created from natural, locally mind clay in Vietnam, each mug helps break the cycle of poverty for the all-female artisans and their children. You’ll love why you own this mug as much as it’s lovely beauty blue and gray hue.

Perfect for drinking your tea 🥰🥰🥰

So excited about this month’s promos plus the Level Up Promos you can find in the announcements section.