little bit about Hannah

Thanks for stopping by! I hope this page gives you a smile today :)

Hey! I’m Hannah!

I’m a 20-year-old Baylor bear currently calling Austin, TX my home.

I say currently for a reason! I’m looking to travel the country and live all over—exploring new cities, new music, God’s beautiful nature, new friends, and of course: new food!

My life is busy—especially as a student. I’m taking classes, studying, hanging out with friends, working on new life skills (cooking and playing instruments) and running my own business! Through my business, I want to grow, and growth comes from LEARNING. I’m trying to live a life of learning, listening, and helping in the ways I can with each day.

This webpage is helpful for my business, but I knew that learning more about this world and how I fit into it can be aided by my recording of where I’m going and what I’m learning while I’m there!

If this page can help others learn something too, then that’s absolutely wonderful! :)

Swipe to see a little more about what I’m about. Hope you have a blessed day! :)

“Ain’t no need to watch where I’m going. Just need to know where I’ve been.”

Places to explore

If you can hear the voice of the character who says the title quote, I hope that makes you laugh. :)

On this page I’ll be posting about my favorite places I’ve been to. I’d like to keep track of my memories and give insight to anyone traveling to these areas! Plus, a page about my adventures is sure to keep me inspired.


Well, this one seems obvious. However, I’ve only lived here for 3 years myself! I have plenty of exploring still to do. Here’s what I say: once it’s safe to be out closer to the city, I’ll be swimming in barton creek, hiking the greenbelt, boating on lady bird, and finally riding those scooters to the capital building (Haha I can’t believe I haven’t done that yet). This summer was supposed to be filled with music festivals, food trucks, discovering my favorite of the 100s of coffee shops in the city, and visiting new Austin small businesses.

If anyone has any recommendations about things to do in the city once social distancing isn’t necessary, please DM me! :) I’m always up for new adventures.

My favorite coffee shop

There isn’t a lot in Dripping Springs, TX, but that’s where I landed. The hill country is absolutely beautiful, and the main street in downtown drip has a bunch of cute small businesses. My favorite place is Mazamas-I used to go there with friends a lot when we were in high school, but we’ll still drive into Drip just for the nostalgia. The coffee and bakery at Mazamas is great, but the atmosphere makes it my favorite. It feels like you’re out in the country (maybe with a latte and some banana bread haha). All they’re missing are actual baby goats.

I recommend Mazamas to everyone who tells me they’re visiting Dripping Springs. Whenever I check back too, I hear the visit to this coffee shop was a wonderful one :)

Ozark Mountains

This was the first roadtrip I’ve ever taken by myself! 10 hours to Huntsville, AR. Crazy enough, I actually ended up staying in the SAME MOTEL that I had been to YEARS before when I initially drove down to Texas moving from Illinois. It definitely felt like God was telling me that I was taken care of before, so I would be taken care of on that trip too. (It was the Madison Motel, the owners were super sweet and helpful!)

I met some of my friends there and we hiked the Lost Valley Trail along the Buffalo National River and Whittaker Point Trail up in the mountains. Download the Google Maps to your trailheads haha. Absolutely no internet and very bad radio connections. We still had fun trying to find a country station that wasn’t total static.

Whittaker Point was GORGEOUS. We could see so far out into the mountains, and we were completely immersed in the most beautiful tall, green trees. We definitely don’t have trees like that in Texas, and I didn’t realize how much I missed forests like that. I loved going out onto rock ledges just to take in God’s incredible creation. Definitely got as close to the edges as I could without falling off—hadn’t felt so small and free in a long time.

My Business

Never did I think I would start a business—but I did it to grow. The incredible personal development that is required for working my own business is not unaccompanied by products that have made me confident in my hair now and as it ages. The joy that has come from making new friends, working with other women, and helping out my clients has been absolutely amazing . That is why I will continue to believe in the blessing that this opportunity was. Check out the next page for my links about how and why I switched to natural-based, toxic-free hair and skin care.