Get to know me.

Imaginative leader with a motive to heal & thrive

growth and improvement in myself is a daily habit. petting dogs is always a number one, and indulging in the good moments of life, i do not take lightly. lowercase every letter because it’s cool. one motto i live by is to remember who you are& keep moving forward. vegan because we love every being. taking care of my mind body and soul is just a given. big ole family person for sure. being happy, healthy& successful is the plan. btw that’s what i want for you too🤍✨🌱

i started my business helping women, men, children, all genders at every age become the best version of themselves through plant based clean products because i knew it’d be something that I’d love. my dream has always been to become a successful business woman, but also i love healthy food a whole bunch, & I’m obsessed with clean beauty products that work. this opportunity to help others was manifested, incorporating all the things i love. it is something i take seriously& something i am grateful to be part of. every single day🖤.

my top picks

here are some things i rate 12/10

recommendation #1

laughing. laughing at funny things is basically what i do all day. I give it a 15/10. & that’s the highest rating in the world. being surrounded by funny people is the move always, so go do that.🌞

recommendation #3

broaden your horizons. don’t order the same food or go to the same restaurant all the time. entertain a new taste. don’t listen to the same music, enjoy all genres. explore the world. don’t stay in the same place. meet new people, it brings joy and opportunity. stay open minded. life’s better that way🍓

recommendation #2

let go of the past, everyday is a new day. the sun rises again & the plate is clean. don’t focus on the old. life moves quickly, we have to remember what is important, who we love& who loves us, adventure, opportunity, scary things that make us grow, adversity. so much is more important than dwelling in the past. stay in the present, it’s a 12/10 rating. xx