welcome into it

hey love! i’m han💛

im so glad you found your way here! for those of you who don’t know me, im hannah. i’m 20 years old, a STRONG enneagram 9w1, and passionate about spreading light! my top nickname is smiley (can you guess why?) and i love building new friendships.

I love Jesus, I was raised in church, and He is literally my joy. if you ask me why I’m so happy all the time, BOOM, that’s why🤣💗

my “fun fact” list would be that I love all things disney, photography, music, and decorating. I can quote the TV show friends better than the alphabet, I have a fluffy orange cat who is like my child, and I have a phone case collection that usually blows peoples minds.

I work with THE BEST company in the world. we specialize in premium grade nutrition and thrive off of making people their best self and feel amazing all day long. I’m just here to share my story and teach others how great they can feel!

I’m here because I want to build a community of people who want more in life than what people now think is the average or normal. I’m not here to settle, I have big dreams and I’m ready to change the world.

Are you ready to jump in??
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i always love to chat!