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If this is your first time seeing my page, I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Hannah, 22 years old, & a full time occupational therapy student. When I’m not busy in classes & studying, I’m making $$ from Instagram & my other social media platforms. No worries about showing up to a clock in/out job while in grad school for me bc I make my own hours, work around my busy class schedule, & make $$ from sharing beauty + wellness products I love & teaching gals like you how to do it as well!

I am very passionate about serving others & helping others make the most of their lives — hence the reason I’m pursuing occupational therapy & why I help girls gain extra income + freedom through my business. My business has been a life saver for me while in school. It’s given me extra funds, more flexibility with my schedule, a community of empowering women, & confidence in myself like never before.

If you’re a busy gal that’s tired of
-never having extra $$
-not having free time to have fun or relax
-feeling like you’re stuck but not sure what to do
-being overworked & underpaid
then this business may be for you as well. Fill out the form below if you’re interested in chatting more about what I do + how you can too.