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Top 1 Brazilian Live Streamer on Bigo Live app

Young woman from Rio de Janeiro earns 260 thousands dolares doing livestream in a cellphone app Hanna Ribeiro is a 27-year-old girl from Rio de Janeiro who is doing well in an application used to broadcast live , Hanna started using this platform and realized that this could be her way of working, and today, after 3 years working online, she has already gained 1.5 million followers and has become the largest Brazilian broadcaster (Person working with livestream) application. The young woman reveals that since she entered the application, she has already invoiced almost half a million reais, although part of that money is directed to the application. She says that working online is an incredible opportunity and I would like other young women who are in a difficult situation to also have the same opportunity that she had. One of the things he created to help those who are starting out in this medium was his book “The great strategy of being Yourself” that will tell everything that is necessary so that those who are starting to get a great prominence. He is currently living in New York in the United States and has her own agency, where he seeks Brazilian and American women who have diverse talents, be it singing, playing, dancing, and who have the habit of making lives, to help these women achieve their dreams. @CarolNarizinho and @Jhovanakelly are one of the famous hosts of Hanna Ribeiro's Build Entertain agency. “Through my life and experience, I want to show that it is possible to work with your image, influence people and help them change their lives,” said Hanna, who aims to help more and more people. Hanna can be found on Instagram by @hannaribeiro1 and her agency at buildentertainmentagency.com.

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