20 Reasons why I love you

Happy 20th Birthday, my love.


20th reason why i love you

I love you because you're an understanding person. You constantly make an effort to understand my decisions and feelings, and you always understand everyone you care about.

You know me better than I do.

My Motivation

19th reason why i love you

Its funny how when it comes from you, im always so encouraged. You are the reason i chose to get up everyday and be a better version of myself than yesterday.

You motivate me


18th reason why i love you

You give butterflies to my stomach, I've never felt so loved and kilig before. You're sweet and adorable.

Every time i think of you, i get butterflies in my stomach.


17th reason why i love you

You are always bothered about my feelings if i suddenly got cold. You're aware of my usual bad habits and you look out for me. You care about everyone and wouldnt want to hurt anyone's feelings.

You have a pure heart.

My duo

16th reason why i love you

I think you're playing first person shooter games because you want to spend more time with me, especially on valorant. I love playing valorant with you and i will never get tired of it.

You are my best and only duo <3 your aims and game sense are getting better.

You never give up

15th reason why i love you

There are times when you are tired and wanted to give up on some things you love, but i know that giving up was never your first option. You're independent and ambitious.

You are a strong woman.

A friend

14th reason why i love you

We began as friends, and ive noticed that everyone looks up to you. Im sure they need you just as much as i do. You've always been a good friend to everyone, and you deserve a good reliable friendship.

You deserve us.

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A challenger

13th reason why i love you

You've faced challenges for the past 20 years of your life. But look at you now, strong and content with your life. I am so proud of you, i really do.

There are still challenges to face, and im here to support you no matter what.

A good daughter

12th reason why i love you

I always am happy for you whenever you get to spend a good time with your family. You made them very proud because you've reached this far. They've raised a strong woman.

Erm hi memom, i like alyssa po hehe

A risk taker

11th reason why i love you

You've spent the past years of your life taking risks, risks that could lead you to the wrong or right. Yet you chose to push forward and confront the challenges ahead. I've seen you afraid, but i also see you being brave and honest with yourself.

My Comfort

10th reason why i love you

When im feeling down, you make me feel better. You always listen to me and reassure me, which is why i always come to you so often in these past years, ive always needed you.

Thank you for staying up so late for me on countless nights, and im here for you.

An amazing person

9th reason why i love you

You are an amazing woman who has come so far and will continue to set your goals and become a better version of yourself. You're slowly coming out of your shell, and you never fail to amaze me.

My warmth

8th reason why i love you

You bring me the warmest hugs, and no one warms my heart more than you do. You give the warmest and coziest hugs and cuddles, and im sure your friends likes hugging with you.

My fluffy girlfriend :>

The simp

7th reason why i love you

I like it when you compliment me a lot, it made me feel confident. I love it when you dress up for me, you always look pretty and seggsy in my eyes. I like seeing you simp and get nervous sakon pictures.

My kitty cat ;)

My pink sky

6th reason why i love you

I feel safe and comfortable around you, you make me feel like at home. You're the person with whom i feel most at ease. I cant wait to rush home and seeing you waiting for me.

Looking at pink skies reminds me of you.

My oreo mcflurry

5th reason why i love you

You are my favorite, you are so sweet. You always leave me long messages every night. Waking up with that messages of yours, makes my morning good.

My chrysanthemum

4th reason why i love you

You're pretty and stunning in my eyes, like i'd simp for you a million times a day. I hate it when you get insecure, you're just like a chrysanthemum, and id pick you.

My Future

3rd reason why i love you

I see my future with you. Growing up old, going to any cities we want. Cuddles in our bedroom, bathtubs in our bathroom, backhugs in our kitchen. Just spending my forever with you.

You are my future wife

My Girlfriend

2nd reason why i love you

You are the best girlfriend ever, you deserve my love and affection. I am so contented with you, and I will keep you forever. You are the woman ill love until the end.

As your girlfriend, you deserve to feel this way. You are too precious to me.



The reason why i love you

You, just you. I love you for who you are and who are you gonna become. It doesnt matter to me because Ive been loving you since '15. I know who you are, i accepted who you are. I chose to be with you because you make me feel special in any type of way. I want the best for you, i want you to reach your goals in life. Doesn't matter whether you know your career is, whether you are late, i know that youll be able to reach it. Im here for you, always come to me because my arms are wide open for you. You own my heart, i own yours. I will keep it safe and warm, its too precious for me. Ill do my best to make you happier than ever. To this girl who existed for 20 years, Ive been blessed and grateful that i met you. Happiest Birthday my birthday girl, my pink sky, my home. I love you always n forever. I promise you're enough. *attacks with kisses*

Happy 20th Birthday!!!

I hope you feel special today, always surprising you mehehehe mowah mowah love you <3

- your girlfriend