To Babi•

Happy 8TH

Ever since the first day we got together, I've been shocked by the events that have happened between the both of us.
I was scared,immature,and have an inability to realize what's in front of me.
A young man who's naive to the fact that this beautiful young lady can't take a boy like me.

still,u fucking did hsjshs.
I don't know why or what the hell did u see in me but you somehow became the love of my life.
A person i can depend on the time of needs.Someone i can spend time with.Most importantly someone i can truly trust.

Everybody in this world will somehow find its other half,I just happened to stumble upon u.Sa una dapat kase trip trip lang nung nasa rp us,kaso ewan q HAHAHAHA nainlove aq sayo ng 22o awit.Given,may mgaaa nangyare man both nde natin gusto oum perrooo;What happened in the past will stay in the past, I'm glad that today i can see my future in u.

Babi,wala na me hihilingin pa sa rs na e2.Gusto q lang ma knows u na for the past 8th months of our never ending relationship,eh ako na ata pinaka swerte na tao sa buong mundo.Onti onti nawala mga pagaaalala ko,vinalue mo q,itinaas mo q.Babi i love the way you open my mind in the possibilities that i once thought i can never achieve.

You're my number one motivation in life that keeps me going.Happy 8th,i love u.