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📍The Story of MONAT

Hi, I'm MaryEllen

Do you want to monetize your screen time?

When I discovered MONAT, I was just helping a friend get her side hustle going. I didn't start this business for the trips, in fact, I couldn't have cared any less about them.

At that time I was not even sharing much on social media and I definitely couldn't see myself sharing about products I use, for fear people would say I had gone off the deep end. So I kept it quiet .....for a while.

I just wanted to help someone out and I thought if I saw some benefits from that, it would be the proverbial icing on the cake.

When I started sharing I began to change - my mindset, my thinking, and how I care for myself!

So, while at first I was all about the insider discounts, what I had not bargained for was the confidence it would build in me or the community of women (and a few men) that I would gain that would be there to encourage me, pray for me, and, as luck would have it, travel with me on this journey!

I am hands-down a better, more confident, and cared-for person today than I was when I started this thing and that's because this company, these people, these products– they elevate me.

I am fully committed to growing my business and helping others create incomes using MONAT as a pathway to time freedom, schedule flexibility, and financial success.

If you already spend time on social media, stop being a consumer and start producing! Let's monetize that! Let's lock arms and do this together!

If you need more information about how the Market Partner program works, swipe over to the "Perks of being a MONAT Market Partner."

If you just want to enjoy our products as a customer swipe over to the "VIP program" slide.

If you are ready to monetize your social media and earn an income with MONAT, apply to work with me by clicking the application link below.👇

Work With Me! Application

Curious about being a MONAT Market Partner?

The Perks of the Market Partner Program...

📍As a MONAT market partner, we receive a 30% discount on all money products.

📍Get free shipping with all scheduled Flexships

📍Firsthand access to flash sales and special promotions

📍No purchasing requirements

📍No quotas

📍No monthly fees

📍No inventory requirements

📍Free custom website (upgraded option available)

📍Five monthly payouts

📍Smart Start bonus program for your first full 60 days

📍Opportunity to earn free travel

📍Opportunity to earn a white Cadillac (middle comp plan rank) or Jaguar /Land Rover at the top.

📍Opportunity to build a global business (US, CAN, UK, Ireland, Spain, Lithuania, Poland, Australia, and God only knows where next!!!)

📍Competitive Compensation Plan with 7 different ways to earn

📍Supportive community with access to free training

Why the Monat opportunity? Click here to watch a quick video.

Want to enjoy Monat products with a discount?

The Perks of being a VIP Customer

❤ As a VIP, you have access to all our flash sales and promotional offers!

🧡 Enjoy 15% discount off retail prices, everyday.

💛 Receive up to an additional 25% off depending on cart total with our Purchase Plus program.

💚 Free shipping and a free Only-for-You product with every scheduled Flexship order of $84 or more.

🎁 Free Birthday Coupon Code worth $25 off $50 purchase.

💙 Easy online ordering and products ship direct from our factory to your doorstep!

💜 With our Flexship feature, you are in control! You choose what products ship and when they come, with flexible scheduling that can be pushed out if needed. It's not a monthly subscription unless you want to schedule it that way.

Take my short quizzes to get started!

Three Ways to Buy

Whether you want to pay full price, save a little money as a VIP customer, or you want to share the products with your friends and get paid to do it, we've got you covered!

Three Ways to Buy Video

We are. We are.

We are Modern Nature.

Who are we? What are the products? Why is this company so successful? The answers live in the inspiring story of the Urdaneta family.

The story of MONAT video