Retired Corporate Vice President at 32

Purpose Driven Diversified Kid

An Incest captive & Child Abuse survivor from age 6 to 18 in the hands of her parents and several sexual assault and abuse counts from boys to men til 36. Expected to throw my life away, go crazy, or be found dead somewhere.

I instead decided to dream outside my circumstances and become the opposite of my 'mumu' (monsters in Filipino), best I could.

Now, I have over 15 yrs. of experience leading global organizations like Nokia UK/Ireland/ US/CA/Asia Pac, Cisco Systems, Eastman Kodak Digital, Cognizant, & Fujitsu, left it all to raise my kids hands on, put up a Social Impact Enterprise, found a Creative Non Profit Organization, and continue my thousands of photos worth of adventures everywhere as seen on my wall. Yeoowwzza ❤️

Currently the CEO of All Go Be Group of Companies, Founder & President of Just Shut Up & Love Helping Adventurers, Independent Executive Consultant for Business Leadership & Management Systems, an Incest & Child Abuse Survivor Mentor, and a Multidisciplinary Creative.

The many other things lololololoove doing are mountaineering, paragliding, free diving, beach clean ups, running, yoga, pilates, hiit training, basketball, dragon boat & olympic rowing, art installations, film & digital photography, cinematography, inside flow dance, jewelry design & crafting, hosting, organic skin care formulations, voice over, theater acting, lyre, graphic design, culinary discoveries, barista fun, and choir. oooh and I'm also in the process of writing a book.

I've was nominated for an Outstanding Filipina award in 2020 which made me pee my pants and I've received distinctions & recognitions for the many things I get myself into. Gladly, I don't value them any more than I do a pack of gum. I could have some of it and I could have none and I'll be off skip-hopping with my usual smile, stopping to breathe air, stare, or sing/dance freely and out loud, hugging a stranger and telling them they are loved.

So no, I didn't go crazy.. Yaaaay! I went out and fell in love with everything--from a place of gratitude that I get to live after all the unimaginable terrifying things, people, and places I've been. aaayiiiii!!! ❤️

I am not what I do

I am what I can not see