You are an amazing person who deserves the world

I wish Im able to give that to you

In this website
I’ll be writing about the 22 days that lead up to ur birthday .
Also there is gonna be a count down!!!
This is a pre-birthday mini gift.
Its going to be updated daily
Until November 22
Remember to check it for your daily pre-birthday wishes ❤️

Count Down Link ❤️

Birthday facts

1. This date occurred during Week 47 of 2000.
2. It was a Wednesday
3. The Unix Timestamp for this date is 974851200
4. It was leap year
5. It was the Chinese year of the dragon.(If you are born in 2000, according to Chinese Zodiac, you were born in the Year of the Dragon. The dragon is a powerful sign. People born under this year are energetic and excitable. They hate hypocrisy and gossip and can sometimes be a bit arrogant and impatient.
6. Unbreakable the movie was released on that day
7. Density’s child song independent women was no.1 on the music charts that day.
8. Conception is around March 1st, 2000.
9. As of right now Nov 1st you will 21 in 21 days!
10. The world’s population was 6,197,511,667 on that day
11. You were born under a waxing crescent moon. People born under this moon, immediately following the new moon, tend to be a little on the reserved side. They are not afraid to roll up their sleeves and work through problems. Sometimes they need to break out of a mold, not letting friends and family pigeonhole them. It is this patient, studied assertiveness that often lead waxing crescent people to discover breakthroughs in all areas, from relationships to science.
12. Your sign is Sagittarius. You are most compatible with Aquarius. However you are also a very good match with Leo, Sagittarius, and Aries. Though the relationship will take a little more effort, it can still work out with Pisces, Virgo, Scorpio, Libra, Cancer, Gemini, and Taurus. But you should try to avoid Capricorn.

Your Birthstone

topaz and citrine are the birthstones associated with the birth month of November

Birth flower


November 1st 2021

Good luck baby

Sorry about today

Nov 2nd

It was a very long and busy day for me
and i’m sorry I wasn’t there for you.
I missed you soo much all day
I was worried about your headache.
Please take your meds
and please take care of yourself.
Idk what I’d do without you meri jaan.
I miss you Soo much
i just wanna spend time with u.
I Love you with all my heart it hurts.

Another day without you

Nov 3rd

Another day without you
Somehow we just keep missing each other
when im free you are busy
When im busy you are free
Its honestly hurts having to miss you like this.
I just wanna look at u and feel your love
Im craving it
Not feeling that love for somedays now and it’s making me crazy
I just wanna cry honestly and hug you and tell
you how much I love you
You’ll never know no matter how much I say it.
Thats im completely consumed in your love.
I just want you
I want a life with you
A family with you
Wanna spend all ur birthdays with you
Wanna wake up next you
I miss you whole heartedly 💔

Another day without

Nov 4th

We talked more than usual today Yay!!!!!
I miss you
and I can’t wait to have you back in my arms again.
You might mot understand how I feel
I don’t know how I feel either
Its all very confusing
But you make me emotional you me happy and sad to my extreme limitations because You make me love you with all of my heart mind and body.
I love you in every possible
Ways I didn’t even know were possible until I met you.
I want you
I crave you
I miss you
I love you
to put into short words
I everything you.
You are my world now.
The centre of my universe
The reason I get up in the morning every single day
Its all you.

Nov 5 & 6

Best days of my life

I love you all of my heart you have no idea how much this means to me.
You are sooo amazing I could cry tears of happiness
On 5th I missed u soooo much I cried and by 6th u were in my arms.
You came all this and surprised me.
Like wow that feels literally soo amazing you have no idea.
I feel like I’ll explode with happiness because having U lay in my arms and relax while I look at your face is the best thing in world for me
All I wanna do play with your hair while you sleep
While im close to you
When its just us
I thought it was your birthday and im the one who was supposed to be giving surprises but you gave me the best gift of all time
I love it
I love you

7&8 nov

Was this our 2nd official date wowww

Fancy breakfasts
and fresh outdoor air sitting next to the man I love
What more could I ask for!
Can we call this one of the most beautiful moments in life? Yes
Can we day this was one of the most cutest dates ever? Yes
You made a promise now
To be by my side for as long as possible
Forever as long im with you
Thats all that matters
Always has mattered
I can’t wait for more days like these
but breakfast in beds
and sweet kisses on cheeks
Alone and privacy ❤️

9 & 10 Nov

its only months but it feels like forever

تم میری روح کی آواز ہو،
خاص نہیں تم بہت خاص ہو!
Promises are made and yet somehow broken
Commitment and love have no standing in this world
But somehow whenever you make promises and give me
your word Im inclined to not only to believe them but I feel them
It feels like you and I have connected on a deeper level
It feels like I’ve known you forever.
I once heard that some souls meet before in Jannat
And they meet again on earth
The are pulled to each other like magnets
Either it for hate or for friendship or even love they are connected
Maybe I met your soul
Maybe our connection was made before this earth
before our time
I believe in faith and density and so do you soo many there is place for love in our world
Just ours
away from it all
Only You and Me

Online gifts ~Made by me~ —

Nov 11

As of Right now
you are exactly

4Hours 32mins and 359km away from me physically but

Nov 12 —

My Mind with and without you.
When are here
and when you aren’t

Nov 13

This one is a funny one

We don’t have any full sized pics together soo here you go now we do!

Nov 14

U ever hear a song and it just makes you think of someone

Here are songs
and exactly the parts in the songs when you came into my head
Good or bad
Making up stories of forever
or U breaking my heart just see how much i love you how I would die without you