Counting down to the days

Every single day with you means the world

How I feel about you is magical. I just wish I could make you feel the same. 22 days of my love start now.

Timer countdown.

Lets Start this with a memory

Remember when?

Remember when we got into deep conversations.. They were real deep considering we were talking about random websites and I would send you the link to them. I look back at it now and realise maybe you were flirting with me…. I thought you just liked weird things like I did but now I know the only weird think you like is me.

Everything I love about you

I love everything you have to offer.

But here are some of my favourite things about you.

1. Your ability to laugh at anything

Stupid ho kia har time kheekhee rahty ho ❤️😂

2. Your eyes

Brown and beautiful… Kill me by letting me drown in them

Your humour

I like how we can be happy with childish things too ❤️

What happened on Nov 22

10 random things that also happened around your birthday.

1- Nov 22 (2016) : Florida man says he stabbed father who wanted to circumcise him
2- Nov 22 (1963) : Kennedy Assassinated. (Less fun fact) (But we hate Americans so yay?)
3- Nov 22 (1986) : With a second-round knockout of Trevor Berbick, 20-year-old Mike Tyson became the youngest heavyweight champion in boxing history.
4- Nov 22 (1859) : Charles Darwin's On the Origin of Species by Means of Natural Selection was published.
5- Nov 22 (1574) : Discovery of the Juan Fernández Islands off Chile.
6- Nov 22 (1995) : Toy Story is released as the first feature-length film created completely using computer-generated imagery.
7- Nov 22 (2012) : Ceasefire begins between Hamas in the Gaza Strip and Israel after eight days of violence
8- Nov 22 (1943) : Lebanon gains independence from France.
9- Nov 22 ( 1974) : The United Nations General Assembly grants the Palestine Liberation Organization observer status.
10- Nov 22 ( 1987) : Two Chicago television stations are hijacked by an unknown pirate dressed as Max Headroom.

Whats Gonna Happen this year?

By this Nov 22….

You will be 22 years old when that day comes. There have been 8,035 days days from the day you were born up to today. If you’ve been sleeping 8 hours daily since birth, then you have slept a total of 2,677 days or 7.33 years. You spent 33% of your life sleeping. Since night and day always follow each other, there were precisely 272 full moons after you were born up to this day and Your first one billion seconds (1,000,000,000) will happen sometime on July 31, 2032.

Exactly on Nov 22

The estimated number of babies born on 22nd November 2000 is 357,817.
Which was also the 327th day of the year
on a wednesday specially the 47th wednesday of the year.

What are you?  —

According to the other beliefs

1. Born in the Chinese year of the dragon.
2. Born as a Sagittarius
3. Born with the planet Jupiter ruling
4. According to numerology your lift path number is 8

Moon on your day —

Waning crescent
Moon rise: 02:29 AM
Moon set: 02:46 PM
Length:12 Hours and 17 minutes
Age of the moon : 25.44 days
Distance from earth : 376,562.34 km

Happy birthday  —


Forever I wanna be like this
Forever I’ll love
Forever I’ll cherish
Forever I’ll be yours
this time is frozen and will remain like this
no matter how many years pass by
and more
Its always gonna be us
You and me
Nothing will change
Even after
everything will be like this
Like these moments in time
You and me