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How are you? We are two sisters (Angelica and Katryne) that have always been inspired to bring smiles, warmth and sunshine to everyone we meet. As every person who lives on this earth, we all have a story. Here's our short story about us!

Our parents are immigrants and have always taught us to be focused and work hard and meet our goals. Of course, since they're our parents, we follow their advice. We've reached our educational goals, career goals and we always felt like something was missing.

The missing piece was self care, self love and self reflection. We were trying so hard to make our parents proud that we forgot about what we really wanted in our own life.

Katryne went on her journey and focused on becoming a Yoga instructor. Angelica went on her journey and became an energy healer, meditation practitioner and emotion code practitioner.

What really stood out for both of us is noticing our friends and family who lost focus on who they really are and their purpose on this earth. So, through our journey we used aromatherapy for our practices.

Before starting our meditation or yoga session we spray our Aura Spray to clear the energy from our space. We use our inhalers to bring back focus when we feel unbalanced. We use our rollerballs on pressure points to remind us to choose our thoughts and we use essential oils in our diffusers during our yoga & meditation practice.

We saw a pattern where we used these 4 products in our daily life and wanted to bring awareness and peace to others as well.

So, here is our story and how Happy Bloomers Aromatherapy came about we hope to see your beautiful souls on our social media!

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How did Happy Bloomers bloom?

The sprouting of Happy Bloomers

What started it all? It all started during the lockdown. We were freaking out, what are we going to do with our time?
Katryne used a lot of eucalyptus essential oil to keep her stress levels low. She ended up creating a blend of essential oils to help keep her grounded. The baby that started it all was Spiritual Connection. The woody, citrus & peppermint is what kept the entire family grounded. She wake up in the morning and put it in the diffuser when she made her morning coffee. Everyone woke up happy & calm.