Happy Em0 Vlog

nøte ▪️ this site has tons of pages to explore ! to view the next pages , swipe to the left for mobile / touchscreen devices . for computer devices , hover your mouse over the margins of each page to make the arrows appear :)) it's nice to meet all of you !


[ "emo" spelled with the number zero in place of the "o" — even tho that's what i typed , it's not standing out ]

~ ` 🖤 h3llø 👋🏼 yøu may call me Kat , and i'm @happyem0vlog [ as well as many øther entities ] 😁

~ ` 🖤 Happy Em0 Vlog is a place amøngst the interwebz where I'll be sharing the emø part øf my being ♣️

~ ` 🖤 my søcial media under @happyem0vlog will share pøsts cøntaining me wearing emø øutfits i put tøgether , the many different ways the cølørs black/red/charcøal can be put tøgether , emø shøpping hauls [ ønly øn my birthday/halløween/xmas as tø nøt wear hauls øut ] , aesthetic emø pøsts , my emø diary ; a weekly* thing , & any news* wørthy things wørth sharing with øther emøs 🖤 [ i knøw yøu're all still øut there ]

#itsnøtaphase 🖤

Love Your Self

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hey 👋🏼 please read the next few pages b4 you choose to follow me — they're all super short reads ; i promise 🖤

DNI { Do Not Interact }

a Do Not Interact statement or DNI , in my own words , addresses upfront the kind of interaction one doesn't want on their page for them nor their followers 🍃 DNIs also serve as a way for others to decide for themselves if they'd enjoy following a particular person in the first place rather than feeling like they found out something later leaving them feeling bothered 🍃

Do Not Interact with me if you are ...
• racist
📜 this person happens to be mixed*
• homophobic
📜 this person happens to be gay
• judgemental

CQA { Content Questions Answers }

Q ; Do you manage any social media that is considered to be adult content?
A ; I do as I'm a Cannabis consumer , but I have a separate handle/tags for that , and I monitor everything very closely. I even have certain measures in place to keep persons under 21 out.

Q ; Do you really have an OnlyFans account ?
" If so I'm deleting you "
A ; Yes, I do have an OnlyFans account , and yes I did consider using it for adult purposes , and upon everyone's immediate assumptions of the type of person I am slash what I'm about or like etc etc etc , I considered even more like even more for a good 24+ hours , but —
My ultimate decision was to use my OnlyFans account for my main dreams ( even tho I'm low income and could've went the other route for that as well as I could've made many other points )

So my OnlyFans is family friendly but you have to be 18+ with proof to actually be on the platform.

Q ; What is the goal for this social media under @happyem0vlog ? Will it be family friendly or change over time?
A ; @happyem0vlog aims and will remain to be family friendly