my hooman diary

happy valentine's day love!
i've been very busy this past few days/weeks and didn't have the time to go outside to buy you some gifts so i made this "diy thingy" to make you smile today.

honestly, this is my first time doing this on valentine's day hahaha. so i had no idea what to give.

please bear with me and read all the pages in this link. ;)

first of all, i just wanna congratulate you because it's been a year since you've decided to court me. i know courting me isn't that easy but i know it's harder to handle my mood swings hahaha!

thank you for choosing me since the day that I met your family. i am grateful that you introduced me to your family.

love, you do not know how much thankful i am for your life. i appreciate your efforts every single day. thank you for always letting me feel loved, accepted, and appreciated every single day. thank you for choosing me even sometimes i am pushing you away. thank you for holding my hand when times get rough. thank you for supporting me all throughout, in every journey and every path that i'll make, you're always there for me. thank you for accepting my unexplainable family hahaha! thank you for listening to my endless rants about random things. thank you for never getting tired of my dramas. and lastly, thank you so much for loving me unconditionally, without expecting anything in return.

i will be always grateful to the Lord for this kind of love that He had given me. the love that I ever wanted and desired.

sorry for every that i've done before. all the attitudes that i've shown to you that you didn't like. sorry for all the foul words that cannot be forget, all the bad things that I said. sorry for the dramatic, the overthinker, and the paranoid side of me. i just don't wanna lose you anymore.

i'm sorry for always looking at your past even if it doesn't count anymore. i know we've fought a lot about this. i'm just scared of being hurt again. i'm sorry for bringing back your past and thinking that you'll do it again.

you and i aren't perfect, and i don't want to be the kind of woman that always blame you for what you did, and for every mistake that you've made. i wanna be someone who can walk with you to go out of the "old you". i wanna be someone who can guide you to be the best version of yourself. and i promise to be one.

to the best boyfriend i have and to my future husband (law of attraction!! hahaha!), these efforts aren't enough to show you how much i love you. words aren't enough to tell how happy i am that i am yours.

mahal, i will still hold your hand when uncertainties happens. i will always choose you even sometimes you feel no one has chosen you. i will always love you especially at times you feel unlovable. i will always embrace all the flaws that you have. i will always tell you how much i love you every single day.

i promise that i will always be your number one fan in any good things that you do. i will support you all throughout the journey that you'll take. i will always be the woman who will stand by your side in every decisions you'll make.

this might be very cheesy but this is my love language please bear with me hahaha!

i love you so much joshua marvic! and i can tell the world how big is my love for you.

let's continue to achieve our dreams together, bring out the best version of us, and work hard for our family and for our future.

i will be always here for you, holding your hand in every step of the way. in every victories that we'll have, we'll celebrate it together no matter how small or big it is.


the next slide is the making of the gift. i created a short video on how i do it hahaha!

i love you so much joshua marvic!

always & forever.

love, mia jane.

this might be too cheesy, but i have one request... while playing this song, can we do a slow dance? 🥺 because i would love to. 🥺