Writing letters to myself

Its June 2021. My mind is wandering.

I miss the freedom that we used to have. The smell of - the salty seas, the grass in the dawn of morning. I miss the liberty we had to travel the world... (the most). Still pending in my bucket list is to see the world outside of this little red dot. Oh, can i even check that off the list? Certainly uncertain.

Dear covid, its been 2 years since you came about. You bring about waves of anxiety, coerced into changing the way things used to be. It wasnt all bad - that i came to realise. When circuit breaker was annouced - bonds were tightened, while restrictions were heigthened. Time passed and naturally got used to this "new norm". Even so, a little part of this heart is still yearning for the life we used to live.

What difference was the life we used to live?
That would be the things we miss now - might not be the same for everyone.

Being in healthcare, no rest for us the wickeds - expected to adapt to the everchanging situation... and deliver. Like a shining beacon, like warriors saving damsels in distress. 2 years seemed like a tiny number (if we compare it to 100) - but it felt like it had been an eternity. They call us the healthcare heroes (or so).


My eyes are blinking, my mind is running. My thoughts are racing, as the night stars are glimmering.

Lying on bed, scrolling through the socials. Is this what life has come to with technology so close to us. Never there was a day we can put our phones away, and never feel antsy and... empty, not knowing what to do and where to turn to.

We laugh at our phone screens - surroundings become bleak as our eyes fixate on the thrills of entertainment the internet has to boast, dissociating from the world. While in some extremes, relationships strained as the virtual world engulf them.

Where did all the interaction go - something as simple as "how was your day?"

I dont deny - the Internet is divine. I would have lied, if i said when the Internet is gone i wouldnt whine.