Sales policy

Please read before purchasing

Harlepie Holland Lop is a small rabbitry owned by passionate family members who dedicate in raising quality holland lops for therapy and pet. In breeding, we strive for excellent type and sweet personality. All rabbits are handled since birth and are socialized with children and adults. They are spoiled with fresh veggies(for the the rabbit adults), quality hay & pallets and regular play time under our supervision. All rabbits live indoor free from sudden change of temperature and diseases brought by wild animals. Therefore, all bunnies will leave in the best health condition when they turn 8 weeks old.
Regarding to our sales policy, please read the following rules before inquiring. When the customer purchases from us, it is acknowledged that you have read and agree to the policy.
- We remain the first right of refusal.
- We do first come first serve but Pet homes get the priority
- no rabbits will be reserved without a 50% non refundable deposit. Deposit can not be moved to another bunny, and full payment will be due the week prior to the pick up date. If you don’t answer your texts or don’t show up on the pick up date, the bunny will be put back into the market. We can hold bunnies for one week with a full payment, after that it costs $20 per week to hold them.
- We do my best to identify gender, but it is not 100% guaranteed. No refund will be given due to misconception of gender.
- We provide 78 hours of health guarantee. If your animals die within 78 hours after they leave my care, a full refund will be given. However, our health guarantee DOES NOT apply to animals who go on transport.
- We do not guarantee breeding or show results.
- If you get a bunny from us and can not take care of it, we are gladly to take it back with no refund given. Please do not abandon them on the street or send them to shelters.
- We do not accept visitors under the circumstances right now. Thanks for understanding.
- We accept PayPal(friends and family), Venmo, Zelle and CashApp.

We appreciate your understanding and accommodation.