everything included in this website!

everything included in my website !
- coloring tut
- font pack
- color codes
- facts ab me
below this will also be my bio and caption !! please make sure to read ab creds tho if you use anything on here !!

⚠️ creds !! ⚠️
tc; not optional. please give creds if you use my theme !
cc: also not optional, if took me lots of time to make my coloring so please give cc
bio creds; optional
caption creds ; optional

ʚ some ways to give creds !! ɞ
- in your bio
- in your caption
- in your comments (id prefer bio creds if you use my coloring or theme, but this works too if you put it in your comment section often)

my bio !
⌗ ⚯͛ - welcome!
ʚ spam - blocked ɞ
∞ :: 𝗂𝖽𝗈𝗅 𝗅𝗎𝗏𝖻𝗈𝗍!

my caption !!

🐼✉️ - ⌗ insert caption here 𝗏𝖼: ɞ 𝘁𝗮𝗴𝘀 ∞

coloring tut ɞ

apps used: 24fps, colourtone and prequel

how to make my coloring !!
- first download the app 24fps (ios only)
- look up on safari, google or yt “tak3 on m3 24fps code” and screenshot it, you may also be able to find it on pinterest!
- then open your app and import the code (if you need a tut ask in my comments and i can make one)
- then select the video you want, and select the filter
- after that, open the colourtone app and import your video
- select the filter “avalon” and make sure you adjust it until it’s at 50%
- then you can go to the prequel app and make these adjustments;
exposure; 5
contrast: -5
highlights: 25
shadows: 15
mist: 5
glow: 40
then you can add blur but that’s completely optional !!
- next, select the “dust” affect
- adjust the filter to 31 and then adjust dust to 100
- then in filters select boston, and adjust it to 50

then you should be done !! comment if you need help with anything xoxo <3

my fonts

and my color codes

fonts i use !!
- lemon milk regular
- marola
- lovtony

my color codes for my current theme !!
- FF9999 (salmon/ bright pink)
- D1DED8 (light green)
- FFD1D1 ( light pink)

some facts ab me :)

my name is ellie !!
i have two brothers, 1 twin brother and 1 who’s two years younger !! (i won’t say their names for their privacy and personal reasons)
i live in california
i go to private school (in person)
i’m on two allstar cheer teams and 1 volleyball team !!
i’m good at tumbling and the hardest skill i can do is a roundoff double back handspring back tuck !
i’m an aquarius and my bday is january 29th !
my fav holiday is christmas 🎄⛄️
i like to play roblox :p
i’m in 7th grade and i’m 13 !!
my fav artists rn are billie eilish and olivia rodrigo !

notice !!
i may turn my q&a on soon if you guys want! if there’s anything that’s not on here that you wanna know feel free to leave it in my comments or q&a if i get that turned on :)

thanks sm for checking out my website !! i really appreciate you all ! ✉️🕊