About me

-Makeup-Surfing-Motorbikes-Paddleboarding-Cooking-Fashion -Sweet tooth

All the things above make me who I am and I love them all so so much. I enjoy every single one and I highly recommend trying every one of them.



I love make coming up with different looks all the time some colourful some classy and some more natural.

I absolutely love experimenting with different pallets,brushes, colour and techniques.

Sometimes I have so many ideas then sometimes I spend hours on socials just browsing looking for inspiration.Then it hits me at 3 am and I just do the look then archive it then take my makeup off then go to bed. Then post it at 1 pm hehe, Anyway people ask me how do u do it honestly YouTube it solves everything so pick up your brushes and a random make up palette and experiment.

This look was inspired by aboriginal artists and dots are a big part of that and I enjoy creating this look for Rowi Singh’s lockdown looks.


Oceans, waves, reefs, shells

I found my love for surfing when I was six and I am now 14 and still love the feeling of pins and needles when you enter the water then the sun on your skin and the salty smell in the morning. And the feeling right before you catch a wave is amazing.
I have competed in many competitions and the feeling when you are fighting for the win is fantastic.

Some amazing surfers that I love is Alanar Blanchard is amazing I mean being a pro surfer/ mother and such an amazing person. Bethany Hamilton i mean come on her story is so inspiring and being a mum as well is incredible.

My favourite beaches to surf at are
- Smiths beach Phillip island
- The express lane next to the beach above
- bondi beach obi is a must


I want to become a pro

Motorbikes have always been a part of me and my childhood. I love watching races and the riders are absolutely amazing and when you are in the arena the crowds are very loudly cheering their hearts out.

From mid 2019 to beginning of 2020 I entered a few comps and just did them for fun but I never thought of it as a career but my goal for 2020 is to become an amazing rider by I’m 16 and I am so excited for my future.

-Paddle boarding-

Paddle boarding is an awesome way to spend time to clear the mind

Paddle boarding is an amazing core exercise and is very effective for metal heath.

I absolutely love paddle boarding especially early in the morning as the sun rises the pics you can get are amazing and on a hot day it nice just to dive into the water.

One time I was boarding with my family and a baby seal came underneath all of us, he was soo cute then his mother came and I was soo amazing. Another time a penguin came underneath me he looked a bit sick so we rung up the wildlife park and they came to rescue to it.

My favourite places to board is
- Phillip island cows pier
- kitty miller bay
And small less wavey beach are amazing


Cooking for me is fun and also yummy

I absolutely love cooking either with friends and family or just by myself I love cooking easy and delicious food but also doesn’t take to much time. And the one thing I cant handle is meat so all my meals are vegetarian or vegan.

Things I like are
- different salads
- any pasta or pizza
- savoury muffins
- arancini
- poke bowls ( which are made up of shredded vegetables, any meat that you want, rice and any dressing)

My favourite cookbooks are
- Cordially invited by Zoe sugg which is just an amazing all rounder cookbook it has amazing easy meals and sweet treats.

- Veg by Jamie Oliver all the meals in there is soo yummy


Fashion has always inspired me

I have always had a passion for fashion, weather it’s sketches, making accessories or sewing I have always had that love for fashion.

I stumbled onto instagram maybe July last year and found this amazing designer Racheal Burke aka @imakestagram and one of her amazing tinsel jackets was worn by Kesha a few years back and that’s what she’s is renowned for.

And I was looking through her feed and found all this amazing craft and all you basically need is some Pom poms, a hot glue gun and some jewels and some shiny bits and bobs. Me and my friend Anna actually started our own business selling things like that @h_a_accessories

-Sweet tooth-


I have a major sweet tooth and I enjoy baking sweet things more than cooking healthy stuff simply because it’s more fun. My favourite things to bake are brownies, cake, cookies, cupcakes, slices and snacks.

My favourite sweet profiles are chocolate, peppermint, orange, caramel, strawberry, cookie dough, vanilla and banana. All the things above are my favourite ingredients and when I’m baking I try to include a few of them.

My favourite websites /books to get recipes from are

- Katherine Sabbath is a very talented baker I have all of her cookbooks and they are all soo yummy @katherine_sabbath.

- Milk bar website is amazing they offer recipes from milk bar pie which basically is just sugar butter and pastry, chocolate pretzel cereal squares, bday truffles, compost cookies which have any like chips leftover cereal basically any leftover sweet and salty snacks, birthday cake and chocolate malt cake how yum.

- Sugar rebels which is a book and it has so many cake recipes and it’s by the scan line aka Nick makrides


I love creating all different types of food

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