How to go beyond the #

A mom-daughter collaboration challenging all of us to do our best for this world ✊🏽❤️✌🏽

We are busy learning, unlearning and trying our best to show up in this world for all of humanity. We love the community and momentum that can happen online with hashtags, but what can we do beyond this? As we find out we want to share information in hopes you’ll join us in a call to action beyond our hashtags.

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This space is a collection of websites for resources and actions, but don't forget to find them on socials too in order to help spread awareness, support and amplify voices and movements. On that note...

Decenter yourself from these conversations, uplift others' content (artists, business, voices, information) and if you're learning and using people's content, be mindful of the work they have put into what they do and consider financial support for this exchange #hashtagsand

There is so much that is going on in this world and this, like us, is a work in progress. We are settlers based on Turtle Island ("North America") and as such many of our resources are also for this demographic of people and places. However, we aim to encompass worldwide issues impacting all of us, and as such this will continue to be added to as we grow, learn, do better and show up for each other #togetherwerise