What you'll find

Self healing, metaphysical life coaching. You can find some of my personal journal pages and poetry posted so you know you aren't alone in your struggles. We can develop new coping mechanisms together. Sliding scale fees available for 1 on 1 lessons or therapy sessions.

My Top Picks

Stones, Gems, Sage, etc.

Others available upon request

EMERALD --over 10 ounces!!

Rare find in this large of gemstone. Almost a whole pound of emerald! Works on the heart chakra and is excellent in healing nausea and taking away vomiting. Great for relationship healing and financial prosperity. This is one powerful stone right here. Blessed and cleansed prior to packing. Suggest cleansing prior to use after receiving in mail. Pick up locally in Northern, MI if needed, otherwise the link is below to order on my shop!

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Spiritual Therapy

While we are working to set up an easier method for appointments, currently session are initiated with google meet or via telephone. Payment MUST be made PRIOR to appointment. 24/7 sessions offered. Please email your preferred appointment time to [email protected]

Phone in appointments or questions call (989) 590-7884.

30-45 minute sessions are $30.00. One hour appointments are $45.00 and run from 60-90 minutes depending on your journey an needs.

Financial assistance for appointments available to those in need. Income under $20,000 per year works off a sliding negotiating scale.

You may pre-pay at link below


You may go through hell before reaching heaven with this stone, but it is heavenly in the end. Very rare and powerful working gem. Semi hand polished.

$20 1-3 g
$40 4-8 g


Beautiful polished citrine. 1-4g.


Tiger's Eye (polished)

Luck, love, spiritual protection and emotional healing.



White or Black Sage Smudge

Smudge the negative energy away with these incent- like sage smudges! Large sticks, authentic, cleansed sage.

$15 per stick

Excited to share the latest addition to my #etsy shop: White Smudge #HausmanasProduction https://etsy.me/3sWrlFO

Semi polished raw emerald

Money, luck, prosperity AND holds monetary value! Random sizes sent. Click below to see available inventory and buy now!

Life Coach

Spiritual therapy-- tailored to you.

Jers Blog

My company and myself.

Founded in late 2020, HAUSMANA Productions started as a emerald dealer. As passion for the supernatural increased, so did the research on gems, energy, electricity, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and so much more! When you speak with Jerrica, you'll be speaking with a "Jack of all trades". Take a ponder at some blog posts or "Ask Jerr" today!

Here's a sample of a basic daily blog post

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