Hi, I’m Sherrika

I’m so happy you’re here

You saw my bio or a reel or a post and wanted to learn more about what I do? Well first I’d like to THANK YOU so much for stopping by! Hopefully you hit follow button and set up post notifications for my next posts. (lol I do it a lot, but I’m all about being me on purpose and inspiring others and making friends so hopefully that’s you)

I am so excited to have you here and stopping by my Haute Mob (I call my platform Haute Mob btw) where my daily goal is “Making others believe you can be whatever you want to be” & “Making others believe you can build the life of your dreams”. It’s my goal because I got married at 20, had my 3 kids and like the stereotypical mommy story forgot about my dreams. I dreamed of the life I always said I wanted. I could never let the vision of becoming a successful serial entrepreneur go. I quit my career within the real estate industry in 2019 because I was burned out and wasn’t enjoying life fully. I realized I was being used for my gifts and talents and I could instead put it to go use and put it towards creating the life of my dreams a reality. At that time when I quit I had no plan literally nothing whatsoever but that I had to pursue building that dream life because my current life just wasn’t what I wanted daily. I had to take a hard look in the mirror and get to know myself all over again and started finally doing the things I wanted and handling my self care needs.

Now I run Haute Housewife & Co. my event party planning and organizing, and image consulting
business where I help people connect and enjoy amazing experiences I plan from my own creative team. I’ve had this business since 2015 but now do it full time. I create fun lasting memories designed with high class elegant glam themes so always dress to impress because I’ll be there as the Event Emcee bringing positive, fun, having the energy to keep everyone connecting and enjoying the experience from the event.

I am always hiring for bartenders, servers, food runners, host, kitchen staff, crew members, creative team members, and volunteers! I'm excited to share selfcare and business tips and give you gems daily which is what you’ll get from me by following me on my journey! ❤️

I’m here to connect, if you click that link chances are you’re looking for something more. Whether it’s a chat that helps us connect, or a chance to plan or invite you to one of my upcoming events. There’s space for you here, lean on me.

However, I’ll cut to the chase I have a vision “To gather, curate and discover the most influential people from all walks of life who are driving change or have the desire to, goal getters not people who want the dream life but need to create a legacy and making a significant impact on the world to practice self care and build the life of their dreams or die trying” if that is truly what you want click the link below and work with me. Swipe to shop merchandise. I’m on a mission to become a millionaire and create millionaires alongside me to show that going the untraditional route can create your most desire reality new friend. Come on let’s slay and get paid and meet at one of my upcoming parties.

Work with me & Join my Haute Mafia Community👇🏾