welcome to my milkshake website !

— 🌴 hey darlings ! you may know me as @hawaiiscd, but please call me alice. this is my milkshake website incase you need anything from my account ! :]

in this website: about my coloring , my font pack, tips for aesthetic fps, and a thankyou! please read all the slides , thankyou and good bye ! (next slide)

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coloring 1 tutorial !

— 🥂a lot of you love my coloring and im so grateful for that ! but i do not feel comfortable giving it out so here is another cute one. i still need credits please ! (my official coloring tut will be posted when i feel comfortable)

— 24 FPS —
filter: aurora 100%
clarity: -5
sharpen: -7
noise: -10
saturation: pink +10
yellow -10
exposure: -15
contrast: -40
highlights: +25
shadows: -25
saturation: -5
skin tone +15
filter: oakland 38%
effect: stars
colortone: alvanon 35%
that’s it!

font pack !

here are the fonts i use in my videos !</3

— 🏝 kg happy (my text/question)
— 🌴 milla cilla (my watermark)
— 🐬 marker scribbles (the scribble under the text)
— ☀️ summer lovers (the palm trees)
— 🍉 habede (the little cute stars!)
— 👙 hawaiian icons (i use this for any extras !)

please don’t ask me about fonts anymore , thankyou! 🤍


a little appreciation

hey! im surprised you made it this far! most people were here for the coloring 🥲 — but id just love to say thankyou sm for 1k in the course of a couple of days ! im so beyond grateful and i love you all! i have something special planned... 🥂

disclaimer :/

please read !

congrats if you made it to the end ! comment “—🌴” if your here, for a follow ! — anyway back to the disclaimer. id just like to say that im ever so grateful that yall are using my acc for inspo (aimed at a FEW) but please stop copying my name/bio/user yes! im okay with yall using my video ideas but PLEASE give credit! this is why im not doing the coloring tut yet, because i have trust issues.. okay that’s it lovelys byee! 🤍

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