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reduce your waste

top recs for cutting out waste in your home

berkey water filter

water purifiers that use charcoal filters to remove bacteria and viruses that traditional filters cannot remove.

we have a 1.5 gallon travel size which is perfect for the two of us.

pela case

world’s first 100% home compostable phone case.

currently doing buy one get one 🙌🏻

liberty bottles

50 million plastic water bottles are used in the US every year. reduce your plastic use by replacing plastic water bottles with reusable ones. we have multiple from liberty bottle co. lots of cute designs and super durable.

100% US made, US sourced aluminum.

steel straws

over 500 million disposable straws are used by Americans every. single. day.

straws break down into small plastic particles known as microplastics and end up in our ocean and are not easily recyclable.

by having your own reusable straw, you can help reduce waste in a very practical area.

I keep a few in a case in the car and refuse straws at restaurants, coffee shops, etc. keep one in your purse/backpack and a few at home too.

reusable paper towels

13 billion paper towels are used in the US each year— using 110 million trees and 130 billion gallons of water annually during production. for each ton of paper towels produced, 17 trees and 20K gallons of water are polluted.

instead of using paper towels, replace them with a more sustainable option. these reusable dishcloths are 100% compostable and merely need to be placed in your dishwasher to clean!