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Hayden Smith, MPH, Health & Wellness Coach

Hi! I’m Hayden - a mom, a wife, and a health & wellness coach. I use to think I was living a relatively healthy life till I began to gain weight in my thirties and then became sick in my mid-thirties. I was a new mom and should have been living my dream but I was sick and depressed. I was suffering from ulcerative colitis and Hashimoto’s and recovering from a bowel resection. I woke up one day and decided that was enough and I began making small lifestyle changes.

Fast forward 9 years, and I’m symptom free and feeling full of life! My experience led to my passion of helping others find joy and better health. As a Health & Wellness Coach, I help women feel their best by using simple solutions such as whole food nutrition, gut health, sugar detox, fitness, accountability, and switching to safer personal care products. It starts with small sustainable changes, making better choices, and creating gradual healthier habits.

I offer 1:1 health coaching sessions and run a group wellness community online to help you reach your health goals.

Where could you be next month or even next year if you started today? What would it feel like to reach your health goals? What’s holding you back?

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