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Welcome to my page! If you’ve made it here you might already have some idea about my life and some of my favorite products!!! If not I’ll fill ya in 👇🏻

My major titles include wife, mama and registered nurse. I am married to my bff, Kurt 👮🏼‍♂️and mama to our son Killian (aka Bubby) 👶🏼. I am also a night shift emergency nurse in MA👩🏼‍⚕️🦉🌙🏥

Earlier this year I became affiliated with a local, mama owned small business - LoveMich. As an iced coffee year round enthusiast, I was a longtime customer of her cozy empire and have been preaching the NoMoreNakedCups movement to anyone and everyone. ✌🏻❤️🥤

After having my son in March I experienced severe postpartum hair loss. My hair fell out in clumps 😩 and felt so coarse. I never really paid attention to product ingredients until recently. And let me tell you I am never ever never going back to drugstore hair products. I am a full believer in Monat because all ingredients are cruelty free, vegan and contain NO TOXIC INGREDIENTS 🌱 My hair is becoming stronger, longer and healthier everyday. Feel free to message me with any questions on how to transform your hair (or skin ☺️) and how to work with me! 🖤

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So I just wanted to pop on here to talk to you all about something that I’ve been doing A LOT of thinking about lately.

I’m sure you all have seen at least 1 of these recent news story either about the Erin Pascal tragedy in Boston or Meaghan Markle and Prince Harry stepping down from their “senior royals” title. These 2 stories on the surface seem entirely different but from my perspective they share a common factor....


I was sick reading all the comments from strangers commenting on both of these stories.

This pic was taken about a week postpartum. Seems like a cute “new mom posing with newborn enjoying the day pic right?

Well the lead up to this pic was my husband encouraging me for hours to ‘get some fresh air’ when I couldn’t move from the couch, a breakdown about how many potential illnesses Kil would be exposed to outside, an hour of crying because I still looked pregnant & swollen and my shoes didn’t fit. Not to mention my boobs HURT and I was still bleeding a lot.

‘Baby blues’, postpartum anxiety, postpartum depression are real y’all. Nobody ever talks about it though. Don’t get me wrong I loved my OBGYN but when I had Killian I was given a magnet for my fridge with signs and symptoms of PPA & PPD. A freaking magnet. Not once did my doctor or nurse have a serious conversation with me and I’m sure I’m not the only new mom who got that magnet.

And it wasn’t until I saw a therapist for a traumatic event at work months later until someone told me that I may be part of the 18% of new moms experiencing PPA.

We need to treat new moms better. (Heck we need to treat everyone better but that’s for another day 😉). Baby blues, PPA & PPD are more common than not.

So why are we bashing the husband who lost his entire family on Christmas to this mental health crisis? Why are we judging a royal celebrity couple for stepping away from increased stressors and wanting to raise their son independently? And why the heck does nobody talk about this ???

Anyways I hope this post gives a new mom courage to call her doctor

Or inspires someone to check in on their friend with a newborn

Or just check in with your loved ones in general

Mamas you’re not alone 🖤