My Story

Hi, My name is Hayley Bowling and I teach and support visionary women to create powerful online businesses

In 2018 I made the best decision ever.
I stepped away from the traditional Network Marketing Business of almost 6 years.

I came into Network Marketing by total accident and both a beautiful coincidence.

At first, I totally winged it and found myself loving the products and being the billboard for the company I was affiliated to.

At this time, I loved the industry, as it was new and I knew no better.

This journey aloud me to dive into my Personal Training at the time, I worked hard as a Teacher, as a Fitness Model and worked as a part time Network Marketer.

At the time, it was normal to blast your friends and family with the products and plaster them all over your Facebook.

In fact, that was the normal.

I lost friends because I prospected them too hard. I lost respect from some colleges. Yet I did as I was told and continued to follow my leader’s advice on how it was done.

I made every network marketing mistake you can think of.

I got slammed for it online and at stages I was publicly shamed.

A lot of us got sucked into the dream of traditional network marketing.

“It is easy” they said,

“You can work in the pockets of your time” they said

“Anyone can do it” they said.

Some leaders even said, “don’t worry we’ll get people to build our businesses for us.”

But that’s not true at all and after 6 years, I called BULLSHIT and tapped out.

I was sick of taking the time to make advertising material to then have random people use it and then exploit it over the internet.

People were using my transformation without permission, making money off my sports modelling images and making a lot of false claims.

Once I even found my material and images attached to some waste shaper in India.

I hated prospecting the family, the barista, waitress, cleaner and the hairdresser.

Leave them alone. They don’t go to work to be prospected by a network marketer.

It was a whirlwind of personal development, this included a lot of SMILES and WINS, some money of course but also a lot of TEARS.

I was even bullied by my “upline” who told I had to make every zoom call otherwise I was letting down the team.

The classic guilt trip was often used.
It felt like these types of leaders wanted “minions” to follow them, they wanted employees who would “stay between the lines and do as they say.
Well I am no minion.

I had so much personal growth during these years that makes me who I am today. I am so grateful for that.

So in 2018 I made a decision,
I was tired
I was broken
I felt defeated
I was frustrated
And I felt rejected

I didn’t feel like I was part of the team.

I completed 5 years in that industry.

I was super loyal to people I hardly knew.

I even though I grew to make 4 figures a month, but I was trading way too much of my time doing it the old way.
I was working a day job plus running a side Network Marketing business and I had no time.

When I started to crunch the numbers it wasn’t adding up?

My Network Marketing business needed consistent hours work of old school networking just to keep customers. Then more hours and more old school networking was needed to get new customers.

All this meant more time, which I didn’t have to offer.

The % of commission I was making was terrible and my paid as rank was removed when I lost momentum.

So, I figured I made more money in my day job doing less.

How was I going to get away from my job if I didn’t see progress and I didn’t see automated leverage that they always said would happen?

How was I going to get ahead if my paid as rank keeps getting taken away from me each, I cannot commit excessive amount of time?

How was I going to get more time freedom when I was losing time and not gaining more?

I kept thinking, there had to be another way to leverage this industry.
Or was what I wanted in a different space altogether?

The world is evolving, the online space is evolving so I needed to too.

There is a different way? A different process?
With more flow?
With more automation?
With more money to be made.
Because I was tired.
Tired of the 24/7 hustle,
Tired of showing up exhausted,
Tired of being glued to my phone,
Tired of copy and paste messages,
Tired of hiding behind products,
Tired of being plagiarised

I decided to make a change, I did my due diligence with this company it was time to move on.

I decided to educate myself, open my eyes and approach a friend of mine who had a process I wanted in on.

I met her in my pervious company and she always had a sparkle I admired. I liked and trusted her too.

I had been watching her in this new space for about 9 months and there were some key differences that triggered my interest.

She was flourishing
She had freedom of speech
She was being authentic
She was Shining SO BRIGHT
She also well on her way of making time freedom with the $$$$$ she was earning.

And the best part that I admired the most was she was her was HER OWN BRAND.

All the selling happened in the background, no prospecting friends, or family.

She had a process that was automated!

So, as you can imagine, I was keen.
I made my own executive decision and jumped in.

Finally, a space I am free to be me.
Paid to be me.

We are not expected to thrash our products on our personal Facebook pages

Our sales funnels run running silently in the background.

We are leveraging an AUTOMATED process.

And we get paid to speak out loud, be passionate women and be ourselves.


This is so refreshing.

THEREFORE my fire has been ignited.
I realised that what I was looking for in this world was to have a voice.

This business allows me to have that.
I want to inspire other women to find there voice too, become more powerful and unstoppable and in more control of their lives.

I want to find more women that to work together to encourage more equality, more unity and more voices of change!
Learn to express yourself, in voice, words, actions, creativity, emotions and love!

I have big dreams and goals for me.
BUT I have an even bigger vision for the women of 2020!

I have seen the power of this business
I have seen the power of high-ticket sales.

I have gone through the automated process.

I have seen it, felt it and I LOVE IT.

I have started to make money and I am almost felt sick with excitement.

So many women who are stuck, who feel like their volume has been turned down need this community, they need with vehicle.

This is exactly what I had been searching for!

Can you Imagine, designing your life around what you love?

Designing your business around who you are and what you stand for!

Imagine learning to share your stories.
Learning to share for truth.
Learning to be authentic.
Learning to evolve.
Learning to have a growth mindset
Adding value to your life
Adding value to others.

Imagine having a powerful automated platform working for you like an engine.
Giving you FUEL to truly live the way you want to live?

Imagine not having to work crazy hours, late nights, or hating on Mondays.
Imagine truly being able to work part-time in your business while LIVING a POWEREFULLY AS YOU

This is a choice to live in this space, like me you can have your voice back, live with more abundance and financial freedom if you want too.

I have linked arms with women growing their voices, growing their wallets and it give me new inspirations and REACH in this world.

Women who are making a difference by speaking up.

They love and support each other and help each other grow.

It’s time to decide for yourself……
Our community needs more voices.
Our community needs more freedoms
It’s to speak up, use your voice and make up your own mind.

There will be no pressure. No guilt trips, no hidden catches or promises.
Start believing in your talents, your abilities, and your self-worth.

Step into your greatness and be guided by courage, alignment and integrity.
If there is any part of this that hits your heart and makes you curious for change, reach out and I will send you more info.

Love Hayley

Be your own brand!

Be self sustainable! Work from the safety of your home.

Congratulations.. you have taken the first step and I am already proud of you for being curious and checking this out.

I value your time and I'm super excited to support you if you feel this is the right space to be. 🙏

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