All about me, what I do, and who I am.

☁︎ About Me ☁︎

• vertigo/hazel
• she/her/they/them
• female

☁︎ My Pm Service ☁︎

• free (open)
• paid (open)

I have many free & paid services. I try to give plenty of options so everyone can have the same opportunities without feeling bummed out.

☁︎ My Editing Service ☁︎

I work with psds, pngs, gifs, and overlays. I can create banners, dividers, icons, backgrounds, and etc !

My Pm Plans

Listing all my free/paid plans.

Before you start, if you don’t know what a pm is. Pm means Partnership Manager! We pms search for partners for your server, partner you with servers we work for, and have our dms open for people who wanna partner with your server!

My Request For Any Plan

!! Your server must be…

• 13+ the required age for discord.
• non-toxic (I don’t accept semi-toxic either.)
• sfw (locked nsfw channels are fine.)
• follow the discord terms of service.
• have a viewable partnership channel.
• have a counting bot preferably luminous.

Free Service 001

★ ;; 0-5+ Partners A Week !

Must join my portal, if you leave then I stop my services. What will happen is you’ll be given a channel (for your server) and be added as the channels representative. After just invite me to your server + give me pm role and we’re good !

Free Service 002

★ ;; 2-8+ Partners !

For this next plan you join both my portal and server + verify in my server ! This plan guarantees 2 partnerships and more if I’m not busy because thank you if you do go with this plan.

Free Service 003

★ ;; 10-19+ Partners A Week !

Invite 5 people to my server. They don’t have to verify, but if you can get all of them to, more partners for you! Send screenshots of all of them agreeing to join as proof you know them!

Free Service 004

★ ;; 4-12+ Partners In A Week !

Give me 5 mil Dank Memer Coins or 1 mil Owo Cowoncy. In exchange for my services.

Paid Service 001

$ Boost My Server Once !
• 15-30+ partners for however long the boost lasts.

$ Boost My Server Twice (Lvl 1) !
• 24-45+ partners for however long the boosts last.

Paid Service 002

$ One Month Nitro Classic !
• 80-150+ partners a month.

$ One Month Nitro Boost !
• 100-200+ partners a month.

Paid Service 003

$ @here shoutout in 50+ server.
• 15-35+ Partners in a week!

$ @everyone shoutout in 100+ server.
• 20-40+ Partners in a week.

(Partners may vary depending on pings/members. For example ; you decided @everyone ping in 50+ server or have 300 members.)