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My Story🖤

🙄 I was skeptical to try Monat. I watched friend’s stories, saw their personal results. Decided to give it a try, it wouldn’t hurt as there’s no risk and 30 days to decide if it’s for me or not & and I would get a refund!

😍 I DM’d a girl I hadn’t seen since middle school, asked her a few questions about Monat and once she showed me the compensation plan.. I was IN! 💵

😒 I had been apart of another “business” and it was nearly impossible to get paid until I was “activated”, and I couldn’t get my friends or family interested, as I didn’t believe in what I was selling and couldn’t quite grasp the concepts or understand everything! So these businesses aren’t for everyone. But I found my niche!

😩 I’ve always had issues with my hair! Hated wearing it naturally wavy, it was so UNMANAGEABLE.. which caused even more damage from all the straightening & I never used any heat protectant (which is stupid). I like to switch between a few different shampoos and conditioners that are best with my hair type!

😍 The photo above is my hair now (see below for hair before Monat)!

💗 I am now a mother of 2, baby Nohea is just 3months old. I’m tired of working for someone else, and following rules! I am working to become my own boss & spend more time with my kids & boyfriend.

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I want healthy hair!

Help me find the best products for your hair type/concerns!


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Hair prior to Monat

This was my hair prior to Monat! And it’s straightened! See next photo for my natural hair, prior to Monat!

Hair right before washing with Monat

Here is my hair right before I started using Monat!

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