My Story🖤

My name is Heather! I am 35 years old. I am a mother of 2 girls & have a stepson. I’ve been with my boyfriend for 6 years. I work full time as a resident manager in Waikiki, come home to take care of the household and find time to work Q because it drives me to better myself as well as do what I love.. help others!

I love to help people, I especially love to help my friends or anyone I see struggling.
When I become a millionaire… I am helping those in need. You can’t take your money with you when you die. Focus on self! Self love! I was too busy making everyone else happy & helping everyone else, except myself!

I’m sure you’re skeptical. I’m sure you’re thinking you want to know the catch.. is this for real? There is no catch. It REALLY is as great as it sounds!
My results speak for themselves!

Read more below about what I do, see my personal results and learn about the ways you can help support my business and better yourself!


✨ My Results ✨

I began using Q products at the end of August and have continued using them daily ever since! I have lost almost 10 pounds, gone down 2 pant sizes and have more energy!

My goals: weight loss & energy!

Staying consistent is key! As well as self discipline!


✨ what do you do?✨

Do you love to help others?
Do you recommend restaurants or products to your friends & family and wish you got paid for it?
Are you looking to get your health back on track? Know someone that it could benefit?
Needing some extra income for holidays, birthdays etc?

Come be apart of one of the top 5 teams in Q!

You’ll receive:
• 1:1 training.
• Training from our top leaders.
• Accountability chats
• Personal development & constant growth in yourself and your business
• Motivation from me and the rest of our amazing team!
• Have a voice & be recognized for your accomplishments! Every win is a win!
• Free financial coach: help eliminate debt, start a savings plan, learn how to manage your expenses.
• Free fitness coach, with our MyQFit app including work outs and meal guides.
• Exclusive promos
• EARN bonuses and set weekly pay (every Friday)
• No recruiting or selling required.
Earn a side income just for helping and recommending products that you already use!

Click below to begin your journey!

Work with me!

✨ ways to purchase ✨

There are 2 different ways to purchase products, if you’re not wanting to join the business!

You’ll receive a monthly newsletter from me with features of products of the month. Weekly updates and any promotions happening! Recommendations on products that may suit your specific needs.

• retail- no perks, pay wholesale pricing.

• preferred customer-25% off, access to fitness app/fitness coach with active autoship, earn Q rewards to use towards future purchases!

**any referrals will be rewarded!

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