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Mental illness has been a taboo subject for far too long and a topic that many people know nothing about. Founder and host, Stephanie Hoffmann breaks down the boundaries by diving deep into the world of mental wellness and all that relates to it. This show establishes real and honest mental health conversation through stories and discussions straight from the people who’ve experienced them. HeadCase’s purpose is to spread awareness and end the stigma by enlightening audiences on the lack of education, information and options for those who suffer through or are directly affected by these afflictions. It’s good for our mental health to discuss mental illness. We’re all HeadCases... and that’s okay.

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My top mental health picks

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Here are a few of my favorite mental health accounts to brighten up and stay with you throughout the day


BeOK is designing with minds in mind... plus the graphics are so sleek and appealing!


Educating us on mental illness one beautiful comic at a time.


Stacie Swift’s art is exactly what you need to see to pick yourself up every morning.


Hannah Blum is a mental health advocate who shares her experience through personal quotes that truly resonate.


Macy gives her followers a needed boost of confidence they never knew they needed. She’s the sprinkles on a cupcake!


AJ Diaz is a motivational speaker and mental health advocate who’s story inspires us all to be our best selves.


Laura’s account delivers affirmations you never knew you needed to see.


Melissa Webb makes these beautiful, adorable INSTANT relatable pick-me-ups! Charming and on point every single time you scroll!


Gabby Frost is an incredible artist and refreshing in the dark realm of social media! What’s better while wasting time scrolling than to take in some feel-good inspirations?


Real quotes and stories from around people who have suffered or suffer from mental illness. It’s so deeply relatable it will give you chills. It’s also aesthetically beautiful. Such an important account and website by the talented Jessica Walsh. A must-follow!

About me

From one HeadCase to another

Hi, I’m Stephanie! 👋🏼

I suffer from a variety of mental health issues (like everyone else) but I often felt so alone and closed off inside. It wasn’t until an accident I had changed my life and my outlook on what’s important.
I knew that my purpose was to open the door to mental health conversation so others can not only relate to each other but learn from one another. The more we talk the more we normalize.

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