Heal by Day + Vibe by Night

The Healing Gallery is the home of creative healers, changing the way we view the arts, therapeutic approaches, and creative ways to build community.

Our Home- a place to foster community, share creative healing journeys and strategies, and access and educate about plant medicine and alternative therapies.

Our Community- a minority + millennial owned business, directly targeting our people and communities to uplift and foster generational healing

More about the Healing Gallery

Our Vibe

Top Creative Healing Approaches

Arts, Spirituality, Wellness, and Cannabis. Our way of making the connection. Explore below to see how you can be involved and partner with us and support the launch.

Our Artists

We are looking for Resident Artists who will have full access to the Gallery as their home base, sharing with a community of healers. Benefits of joint as an artist include access to all events and services, ability to host and collaborate for events, and share your healing artistry to inspire others.

Our Healers

Become an Associate Healer, joining our community as an independent Yoga Instructor, Art Therapist, Tarot Counselor, Life Coach, and beyond. We are interested in offering access to alternative methods of physical, spiritual, and mental healing.

Our Partners + Investors

C. Speaks- The Gallery Co. LLC, home of “The Healing Gallery”, appreciates our partnerships and investors as we build our home. If you are interested in a partnership or providing financial support, please click the link below and we will set time to connect. Investors will receive a quarterly report on how we are doing.

Our Connection to Plant Medicine

Our founder is apart of the 1st cohort of Graduate Students in Jefferson University’s Cannabis Science and Business program. With an aim of becoming a the first minority-owned safe consumption space, we are interested in partnering with PA Growers, Processors, and Distributors to foster an equitable connection to plant based medicine for millennials and minorities. With direct access to education and coexisting with healing artistry, the Healing Gallery will be place that will also be active in social equity regarding access, use, and ownership of a new Healing Model. Please click the link below if you would like to connect: