Becki Caira

Online Business Mentor helping ppl live their dreams sharing mindful living + health + sustainability

Hello Friend! I'm Becki, a Mama Bear to two beautiful and silly girls. Like many people today, I've suffered with a lifetime of mystery illnesses. I became passionate about health and wellness after college and even became an online fitness coach during my second pregnancy, meal prepping and working out daily until the day I gave birth.

Unfortunately what I thought was healthy was actually the very thing making me sick. 6 weeks after giving birth to my youngest daughter Eila I became severely ill resulting in numerous diagnoses, hundreds of tests, dozens of food allergies, two surgeries and 9 of the longest months of my life seeking answers. After I felt completely defeated and like traditional medicine failed me I took my health and my life into my own hands. I discovered alternative medicine, a whole food plant based diet, raw food, juicing, fruit, supplements, yoga, visualization, non-toxic living and Kangen Alkaline Ionized Water. Following this lifestyle, I have since reversed all my symptoms, some of which I've suffered with for over 15 years. I am currently on the path to completely heal the root causes of all my mystery illnesses.

I am on a mission to spread awareness of unlocking your truest self, your bodies capability to heal and the importance of living a healthy vibrant life. I have since discovered my dream job and now work as an online business mentor coaching other likeminded individuals who want to create a life full of time freedom and financial abundance by sharing about my favorite healing water!

Check out the link below or email me at: [email protected] to learn more 🤍

XO, Becki