A little bit of butterfly, a little bit of wildflower, and a lot of open book

Shame is such a wonderful discovery - the more we can heal our shame about shame, the more we can express, love, be vulnerable and live fully alive!

Jojo Diggs (she/they) has been thinking about thought since a young girl. Through this channel she combines language, art, and body to guide others in their healing journeys.

Reach out here for more info on coaching, courses, and intuitive guidance.

So, what is Align??

Align deeply shifts peoples healing process allowing them to step fully into themselves. This 9 week course that utilizes meta thought, shadow work, shame free coaching, and community healing through asynchronous content and community calls.

Align is very powerful but it’s not for everyone at every season. If you want to know if Align is right for you schedule a free zoom call w Jojo to ask questions and hear more.

Invest in your self - you’re worth it.

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••• Glad I took the opportunity to try something new and approach healing from a new perspective. Jojo not only reminded me of old spiritual interests that unlocked healing but also ancient wisdom. I am reawakened to a sense of myself that had gone suppressed. ••• Jojo helped me connect to the heart of myself, connect to my inner child, connect to long-trapped and buried emotions. More importantly, feel them and sent them free. ••• I feel like in comparison to other mainstream modalities where I tend to go "inwards" and spiral about myself, Jojo’s work had me realize that a lot of my hurts and wounds are so much bigger than myself, and it makes me feel more compassionate about them. ••• I feel more aligned, or closer to my body with my mind and spirit. I feel more honest and fearless... and I have more capacity to recognize and acknowledge what is currently here with me and towards others. I know that I have a lot more work to do, and that it's a "forever" kind of work, but I wouldn't have reached this point if it wasn't for her work.