About Me

I am a Health & Wellness mentor, I love helping like minded people reach there own individual health goals and to become the better version of themselves!!

Hey, My name is Michelle, I am 51 years old.
Before I started my health journey, I was in such a dark and lonely place, didn’t go anywhere, do anything, was soooo miserable had ZERO confidence, over weight (very obese), suffering from depression and anxiety on two lots of high doses of antidepressants, going through the change so I was also on HRT😕😔😰👎

I hit a point in my life where something had to change, I was scared I was going to do something that I couldn’t come back from😩🥺🤯.

I saw on one of my good friends social media sites that she was promoting this healthy lifestyle and I got in contact to find out what it was all about🤩

I had nothing to loose.........So I ordered these amazing products from her and that’s when things started to look better for me😍

The first week I lost an amazing Half a stone then another half a stone a week after that and I was starting to feel a lot better about myself😮🤩.

This was the best decision I had ever made.

Every week I weighed in and the lbs were dropping off me, inches too.

Not only was I losing weight but my mood was changing, had more energy, started to exercise more was drinking more water❤️

The changes in my body and mind was amazing ....... I felt incredible, I wanted to shout this from the rooftops🥰

So I took the decision to start helping others feel the same way as myself, and inspire a healthy lifestyle, wanted to tell everyone about how amazing these products are and how healthy they make you feel inside and out.

My confidence has grown so much and still growing, never felt so healthy and am loving this new HEALTHIER LIFESTYLE!