Welcome fellow Healthy CannaBees

We hope you enjoy our weekly Bible Study

This page is an extension and another way to outreach future fellow Healthy Cannabees.
WE at Healthy CannaBees are a community of super friendly believers in God and we tend to delve into the abstract regarding the Bible.
Many will hate, but few will fully understand the greatness and perseverance of the True believers of Love and Light which is what God is all about.
Teaching about reaching your soul purpose and how to understand your individual soul purpose through prayer is a specialty of ours. Please keep an open mind and do not judge your neighbor. All are welcome and all are loved here at Healthy CannaBees :).

Regards, Chandler Asbury.


Finding Faith

A mustard seed is sufficient. Lets OVERFLOW

Overflowing with faith is all about learning this fact.
God is Real without a doubt.
He has created all, therefore all is within his likeness.
We at Healthy CannaBees shall vow to never pass judgment upon another of God's creations for he loves them to the same extremity as he loves us. Judgement is what pushes people away from churches.
Let us be a church with no walls and allow the Holy Spirit to guide our instincts and become our intuition.
You never know when the Holy Spirit will guide you to save a soul that you at one point would have though to be "beyond saving".
If you are reading this, and interested in joining HealthyCannaBees, which is by the way a CANNABIS friendly church with no walls, please understand that what goes in ones mouth shall not defile you but only what comes out of your mouth can defile you/others.
No one is beyond the saving grace of the gracious God, Through Jesus Christ, the son of YahWeh. Remember, we are all children of the God, therefore Jesus said we can do greater through his teachings that YahWeh had spoken to him. :)

Sorry to leave a book to read. The points above were necessary to set the tone for what we stand for.

When you feel dry and desolate... HYDRATE with God's Word :)

Learn, Love, Laugh