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Hi! You took the first step just by clicking this link! So you must be interested in a better you and I couldn’t be more excited to help you on your hair and skin journey. 🥰 First, let me introduce myself! My name is Deandra and I am 21 years old. I am a Full-time Mother to 2 boys while in college studying Early Childhood Education and running my own hair and skin care business with MONAT . MONAT is 100% Vegan Plant Based. I first thought about joining other business when I was going through some personal issues in my life and I needed to find a gate way to bettering myself. I was so hesitant to invest in myself because I didn’t see my worth. Months later I finally decided to put myself first and give myself the confidence I lost and I joined the business! When I tell you I was so happy to do something for myself I felt better just by taking that first step. I am now on a beautiful team of strong empowering women and I selling great hair and skin products to people who were in my shoes and one point and wanted a better life for themselves. I have just joined this company and my hair transformation is crazy. My hair went from feeling so disgusting even after I washed it to feeling so smooth and set angled without even taking a brush to it. Hair fall out? NO MORE! I want to share these products with the world, inspire and transform everyone’s hair and skin so they can feel great and look great! ✨❣️