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Hi, Everybody!
I’m Morgan Murrell, creator of Healthy Mind Model Talk. Healthy Mind Model Talk is a place to support healthy melanated minds focused on building healthy behaviors and emotional habits while navigating life transitions. We will harness the power of intentional thoughts, habit forming and life hacks to equip ourselves to take command of our mental health.

As a Certified Peer Health Educator- studying psychology and neuroscience at University of Colorado, Boulder -I interacted with thousands of students to support them evaluate their harm reduction strategies and to give knowledge about safe practices they can implement to help them be their best. I experienced, firsthand, the lack of access to a community dedicated to the issues common to young women of color navigating life transitions. I’m working to reduce the stigma of seeking professional help and prioritizing optimal mental health in communities of color.

This is a community for young Women of Color. This is our space. Together we will focus on training our melanated consciousness to thrive against all odds!

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Why specifically women of color?

Intentional Thought Journey

What is an Intentional Thought Journey?

A critical aspect of the Intentional Thought Journey is, you guessed it- the intention! Doing things with a specific intention and specific end goal helps tremendously with taking command of your thoughts, which eventually become your actions. My goal with this initiative is to give you tips for uncovering your specific intentions and develop habits to fit your preferred lifestyle.
I will be your friend along your Intentional Thought Journey.

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