About Me

What's up, soul friend? I'm so happy you're here!

Hi! I’m Clare, a firey mystic with a passion for authentic expression and cultivating knowledge and embodiment of the wisdom of our soul, our higher, truest self.

I could even be considered a heretic by those who live within the limitations of modern society group think.

I’ve always felt divinely led to go against the crowd and play by my own rules in all aspects of my life. Once I hit the onset of my first saturn return in 2019,  I could no longer even remotely pretend to tolerate any authority outside of myself telling me how to live, how and when to work, what to think, and how much money I could make. 

Doing what everyone else was doing, working a 9-5 for someone at the top was just not an option for me anymore. It made me feel like a fraud every time I would do something for the sake of “fitting in” or because some “authority” said I should. I had to do what was integral to my soul and stop settling for crumbs and frustration. 

My life has been one giant experiment, testing out what works and doesn't, trying different hobbies and jobs on for size and learning much along the way. I do not belive in failure as a possible outcome because everything is an opportunity for growth and expanding our perspective.

I am confidant in my capability to reflect to you that you have permission to be whomever and whatever you want to be.  We can create a life free from the expectations and limitations of others and from the expectations we falsely placed on ourselves. 

If you resonate with my energy, I would be so honored to sit in session with you and mirror back to you the divine flame of creation, passion, and love that exists within as you reignite your soul's essence. 

Just click the link below to schedule with me and I will reach out directly to confirm :)

Love you with all my heart and heresy,

Know Thyself: 1:1 Sessions

Why merely survive when you could THRIVE?

Are you feeling frustrated or stagnated in your life? Do you recognize that you’re playing small but don’t know why or how to make a tangible shift that will actually produce change? Are you tired of sabotaging your dream life and blaming others for your current reality? Are you ready to play by your own rules and fully embody the rebellious god(dess)you are?

If you answered yes to any of the above then you're in the right place because let me tell you, I. Have.Been.There.

It took me much trial and error and getting sick of my own b.s until I started to make real changes in my life and I'd love to help you avoid those same pitfalls I experienced.

In session, we will uncover the light, the fire that has been stifled inside of you. I will use my intuition to guide you to your own, in order to assist you in seeing and reclaiming your own divine fire.

If you’re ready to lovingly and honestly face yourself, to shine light on the darkness… to get real about what it is you desire and burn down everything that stands in your way of getting there, then these 1:1 sessions are made for you!

What these sessions are NOT:

A soft and sensual whisper session where we’re going to "love and light" our way into oblivion while we sit back and let Jesus take the wheel. No, no, no. There will be none of that passive shit here. If that’s what you’re looking for, I hope you find it because this just ain't it ;)

What it IS:

A space for powerful, magical beings that take radical responsibility for their reality because that shit is what EMPOWERS us and calls us higher.

We exclaim with passion both what we wish to release and all that we graciously call in because we women are not single faceted in our feminine essence, in fact, no one is!

We are the entire universe embodied, a portal between worlds, we are the god and the goddess, the lion and the lioness, the virgin and the whore. We must stop hiding from ourselves and accept all aspects in order to live out our highest potential not only for self, but for the entire collective that benefits from our continuous upleveling as well!

So if you’re ready to do the work, I would be absolutely honored to sit in session with you and remind you of your magical flame, unleash the heretic within and assist you in gaining the confidence to shine your light bright for all to witness the magic that is uniquely YOU.

Sessions are 75-90 minutes via zoom.
🔥💎 1 session: $155

Sessions must be paid in advance to reserve your time slot and are nonrefundable.

Just click the link below to schedule a session.

Love you with all my heart and heresy,