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We’re kicking things off with some good old self care! It is an integral part of self love after all. What does self care mean to you? How do you invest in your self care? In which areas of your life could your self care improve?

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Get intentional with your self care!

1. the practice of taking action to preserve or improve one's own health."autonomy in self-care and insulin administration"

2. the practice of taking an active role in protecting one's own well-being and happiness, in particular during periods of stress."expressing oneself is an essential form of self-care"

We deserve to be well, spiritually, physically, mentally & emotionally and also environmentally. Of course it can be hard to make time for self care when we have busy schedules and are surrounded by a multitude of tasks to accomplish and other people to attend to. It can be hard to invest in self care when you have a negative self image or simply just do not know where to start.

It starts with you saying yes to yourself, yes to your happiness, yes to your peace & stability. Then gradually self care will become a natural aspect of your day to day life.

You will see a significant difference in your life and mood once you are able to stick to a commitment of spending at least 30 minutes a day on self care.

Our recommended time: 1 hour

Recommend self care practices

💕Yoga - great for energy, respiration, flexibility, strengthening & toning of muscles, stress relief, just to name a few

💕 Exercise, which not only ensures vitality of the body but also triggers the release of endorphins which boosts our mood and is great for brain health. Exercise isn’t limited to gym activities, also consider taking up a sport or dance, swimming and other fun physical activities .

💕 FOOD! okay so who doesn’t love some good food? We all do, right? But we have to make sure that the food we eat loves us just as much as we love it! Try out some new recipes that help you achieve a balanced diet and make sure you’re drinking lots of water! The food we eat does heavily impact how we feel, if you’d like to try some tasty new recipes, send us an insta DM and we’ll be sure to help.

💕 Prayer & meditation - strengthen your connection to the divine source of all power and energy. Prayer & meditation also lower stress, anxiety & depression, promotes inner peace and confidence, turns on disease fighting genes, improves focus as well as self control.

💕 Rest, take a break, get some good sleep. Sufficient sleep is great for concentration and productivity, improves immune function, reenergises you and boots your overall mood.

💕 Have a conversation with a stranger (more than small talk). Add some spice to your life and get out of your mundane routine.

💕 Tidy & declutter your personal environment. Firstly have a clean and organised environment means that you won’t constantly be misplacing things and wasting valuable energy trying to find them. Secondly Research shows that messy spaces can make it difficult to focus on particular tasks and achieve goals throughout the day. When we have clean environments we feel more optimistic after failure, as tidying up can actually boost self-esteem and confidence.

💕 Check in with yourself multiple times daily, practice some on the go mindfulness. Become aware of your thoughts, moods, your physical state and your triggers. Ask yourself questions such as:
What am I feeling?
Why am I feeling like this?
Why does that matter to me?
If you need help with self awareness, get in contact with us and we’ll be sure to help!

💕Have fun, goof around, enjoy life. Don’t take everything too seriously. Allow yourself to let loose and feel free.

What is one self care practice that could be beneficial for you?

Schedule it into your calendar, now!b

What are you thankful for?

Did you know that practicing gratitude can increase your happiness levels by up to 25%? Well if you didn’t, now you do!

Studies show that incorporating an attitude of gratitude into your daily life improves the following:

💚 Mental and physical health
💚 Relationships and social interactions
💚 The immune system1
💚 Sleep quality
💚 Self esteem
💚 Levels of depression & aggression
💚 stress tolerance

So you can see why gratitude is a really important factor when it comes to self care. It’s incredibly necessary for us to remain thankful and try to find the positive in every situation.
Yes, the negative things in our lives do have a way of standing out and being at the forefront of our minds, so it’s our responsibility to become intentional about shifting our focus and attention to the positive. Although life may not be perfect, there is always so much to be grateful for.

Take this time to note 10 things you’re grateful for and why. Then express them vocally (similarly to how you would with an affirmation). Send us an instagram DM and let us know what your 10 things were!

Also get in touch if you’re struggling with finding 10 things or struggling to fully get your head around the concept of gratitude.

Can’t wait to hear from you!

Self Care Challenge

As women, we are thoughtful, compassionate, empathetic, patient, attentive and nurturing. We can get so consumed by the needs and expectations of others that we can also easily neglect our own needs. When we neglect our needs we ignite or reinforce feelings of inadequacy. It’s time to break free from the expectations of others, time to set yourself free from the attachments they have to the idea of who they think you are. It’s time to start saying no to the things that create inner conflict within you!

It’s time to choose yourself!

Send us a message on Instagram now if you’re ready to start your FREE self care challenge and we’ll get you ready and set to go!

Love your skin with this face mask!

Peaches & cream mask (and smoothie) for youthful skin. 🍑 🥛

Peaches have vitamin C, which boosts collagen and elasticity, and Greek yogurt exfoliates and brightens skin,
Almond milk hydrates and softens skin while cinnamon increases circulation.
Add honey for extra glow!

What you’ll need:
1/2 cup almond milk
1/2 cup plain Greek yogurt or non dairy coconut yogurt
2 ripe peaches sliced, pit removed
1/4 tsp cinnamon
honey (optional, add to taste)

Place all of the ingredients in a blender and blend at high speed for one minute, or until smooth. Enjoy as a smoothie, and save enough for a DIY mask.

Wash your face with your regular face wash using warm water to open up your pores.

Apply the mixture and leave it to work it’s magic for 10 minutes.

Wash off with cold water to close your pores and finish off with a moisturiser of your choice.

Have a try and let us know what you think!