Meet Me

It’s All About The Experience

I’m Marcella and my friends call me Cella. I’m a independent travel agent and healthy healing influencer. My travel business is called Sights 2 See Travel. Truly the world is yours to explore. I’m also the CEO of Sisters of Heart. A space safe for sisterhood, a place of encouragement and healthy healing development. With both travel, sisterhood and healing there is so much to explore. I hope that you enjoy both or either.


Direct Them

Have you ever been around a person that speaks negatively? They nag or complain a lot and it offset the mood. Such a Vibe Killer. Guess what?? We can do that to ourselves as well. There is power and authority in the language you speak over yourself. Changing how you speak to and about yourself is an adjustment that Needs To Be Made!!! Listen... for real. Start off small and work your way up. Encourage your family and friends to speak differently. I have a sis that when I don’t remember to word things in a way that speak she says “let’s rephrase that”. This is necessary because you may not always say things the right way in the time of frustration, sadness or uncertainty. Your circle is important. Your words can shift your energy and focus. The picture list so many things you can began to speak. It’s not always what you currently see but it’s what you want to see and feel. Direct your words and use your power. Music is way to generate words of power also. It can be a moos shifter. Level up on how you speak and watch a shift in your vibes.