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27 MAY 2020

Hello!! Heather here! Just a mommy/wife/dental hygienist trying to live in this new “2020 quarantine life”.

How these last 9 months of becoming a mother to my daughter, Aurora Gloria “Rory” has been a complete roller coaster of beautiful milestones and some stressful moments. Being married to my loving husband for almost a year and a half. I cherish my time I spend with my family and friends.

Throughout these last few months I came to find that I have been trying to rediscover myself. Who am I? What can I do to make an impact? How can I change my future in a meaningful way?

Especially after these last two months home with my infant. I thought about my profession I worked so hard to obtain. I love being a dental hygienist, I love my patients and the community I serve. It’s always been my nature to help others. But in these very unknown times, it’s hard to leave your child to go back to the world of healthcare.

Well it’s all out here! As I navigate this thing called, LIFE. And I hope you, enjoy!

my journey as a wife, mother, person.

-Heat Heat

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Returning to the the Dental World

How does it feel being back at work as a Dental Hygienist?

3 June 2020

It’s my third week back at the dental office and it’s actually not that bad. Wearing all the gear is intimidating I know but if you were a patient at a dental or dental hygiene school this is what we wore.

FULL PPE! I’m talking the masks, gloves, isolation gowns, face shield, our dental loupes! We came into the operatory like we landed on the moon.

I was worried about starting back performing elective procedures in my office but I have so much confidence in the doctor I’m employed with. She is my family but she is also a very caring and thoughtful person. She will make sure everyone feels safe to return to work.

I thank her for her efforts during this time and for making sure we had a job to go back to. She needs the Boss of the Year award!

#BossLady #Dentists

-Heat Heat

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