About Me —

Hi! I’m Heather.

I’m so glad that you are here! Let me introduce myself... I’m crazy about my sweet daughter, hubby, 6 chickens, our kitty Cleopatra, sweater weather, snow, hot chocolate, Jesus & OILS ♥️ just to name a few, Ha!

I’ve been on a journey to truly live a more natural lifestyle and it is my passion to share with all who will hear. My deep dive into essential oils came at a time shortly after we welcomed our baby girl home. I really wanted to find the purest and best products for her baby-luscious skin and I wanted to make sure we could protect the environment she lived in by keeping it clean of harmful germs... she was born In the December - the heart of cold and flu season 🥴

Enter the world of dōTERRA 🥰 once getting my starter kit in the mail I went to work making baby butt spray, lavender & cedarwood calming baby shea butter, and this list goes on and on.

Arvella will be 6 this year and we’ve been rocking the oil game ever since! Sharing wellness is a passion and oils are my hustle!

Come oil with me

The Blends ☀️  —

Bug Be Gone Spray  —

Don’t get caught without it!

DIY link here

Diffuser Love

You want to know which one is best for your needs?