Heather Leigh

Theatre Educator and Home Decor & Scent Specialist

I teach theatre to kids and sling wax on the side. I am passionate about all things theatre arts, teaching kids, and home fragrance for mood leveling and memory making. I enjoy playing disc golf, and being a mom to my kid, my dog and my plants. My tiny family is truly grateful for your support.

Feel free to connect if I can help you with deciding on the best fragrance for your home. I can also help you with finding your personal home decor style.

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Wanna start your own small business? Let me be your new bestie as I help you get started.

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Aromatherapy has a multitude of benefits. Pain management, improved sleep, and stress reduction are just a few perks. You will be starting a new adventure in a helping profession.

What questions do you have? How can I help? Ask me anything, I’m an open book.

Income disclosure statement because I talked about money: https://scentsysuccess.com/content/dam/scentsy/en_us/ccc-training-center/run-your-business/compliance-and-account-services/income-disclosure-training/R1-USEN-2020-IncomeDisclosureStatement-Final.pdf.rendition/original.pdf

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