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Hello There! I'm Heather!

If you've come across this application I'm sure you have a little idea of what I do! Here's a little background on me and this business. :)

Here's a little bit about me: Hey how is everyone doing today? I am Heather Morris and I was born and raised In OHIO!!! I am 30 years old and I am a Capricorn!! My birthday is in the winter which I absolutely!! I love skiing ⛷ 🎿and spending time with family and friends. I am loving and caring person. I am very kind and willing to help anyone and everyone. I love doing diamond art, scrapping, coloring, and much more. Growing up I have always wanted to be a Teacher- Kindergarten or First and/or a Veterinarian. As I started to get older and seen what a Veterinarian did and that they had to put animals done. That when I decided that I wanted to be a teacher because I couldn't do what a Vet does because I am emotional person when it comes to someone or something dying. Being a Teacher is an amazing job don't get wrong. I love all my kids and I love coming up with different crafts because I am also a very crafty person. Teaching just doesn't pay the bills all the way. You could go around and ask multiple teacher I would say 85 to 90% of them would say they have a other job or two. I also have a huge dream list that I would like to do before I die and being a teacher just won't cut it. For an ex. I want to build my very own house from the ground up. So that when I started looking into doing something else at home to make more income. Well each year I keep thinking if only I could find a job that I can work from home and take of my family that I want to have some day. I also would love to spent more time with my family as well. Well they when I come about this business called ItWorks!!

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