Who I am & What I do

Jack of all trades, master of maybe 3

Hello there, I’m Heather! I have more interests than I could even think of most of the time, so choosing ‘just one thing’ to do has always been an issue for me.

For example, I play music. I started singing when I was a kid, got my first guitar at 6, needed to learn more so I got a bass at 12, joined band to play saxophone and ended up learning a little tuba, clarinet, and baritone along the way.

My dreams have always been scattered everywhere too. In somewhat chronological order they went: rockstar, marine biologist, mime, secret agent, astronaut, forensic psychologist, astronaut, art therapist, high priestess, astronaut again, comedian, and now just everything.

It’s always been weird having too many options and society trying to put us in boxes, I’ve always been trying to squeeze myself down.

But now, I have the ability to literally do everything. I have the getaway car to beat the system guys. Financial freedom from multiple streams of income.

Work from anywhere (with wifi or data of course), change your life while helping other people change theirs.

With that you won’t have to worry about if you have the means to try whatever you’d like.

The world is freaking yours baby, you just have to get it.

DM/Email me for more information:
@ramonathevillain on insta