Faith, Family, and Xyngular

Do you know the power of YES?

Hey ya'll! I'm so glad you're here! I'm excited to get to know you, so here's a little bit about me...

*I'm a mother of 3 crazy kids, that know how to keep my going. We spend most of our free time at the dirt track racing and riding dirt bikes, or traveling around to see what we can find.

*I'm married to my love of 10 years! (And counting!)

*I have the best job in the world that creates financial freedom, unlimited free travel opportunities, and a support group (more like family) like no other. And that extra spending cash your husband doesn't have to know about 😉

I can't believe how my life has changed just because I said "YES".
--YES-- To feeling more confident and being a happier and healthier me.
--YES-- to spending more time with my husband and kids.
--YES-- To creating financial freedom
--YES-- To stepping out of the comfort zone, to find my happy place.
--YES-- To ME!

And now, I want to say YES to you! My YES is YOUR YES! One word is all it took to open the doors I never thought possible. One word is all it took to gaining an amazing new family. One word is all it took, take make those dreams, a reality. Now I get to watch my family grow up the way I was meant to, and found my purpose in life. Are you ready to say YES too?

My Story

How Xyngular changed MY life

My journey with Xyngular began about 8 months ago. I didn't feel good about myself, at all. There were tons of times I would cancel plans because I could not find anything to wear that I felt good in, or have worn 5 times already. It was like I woke up one morning with an extra 50 lbs, 2 kids, a crazy hectic life that I didn't know how to control, poor eating habits, no energy, lack of sleep, and just trying to survive. I didn't feel attractive, I didn't want to be touched by the love of my life, I was embarrassed to eat in front of people for fear of judgment, and was letting my life slip by day by day just trying to hide.

So, I tried everything to lose weight, and not only did I fail at the weight loss part but I was so tired in the middle of the day, I could barely keep going without 3 coffees and a slump. Thank goodness for a friend who I started watching, because her transformation every time I saw her was amazing and mind blowing! She told me about these amazing products that helped with sleep, energy, stress, and WEIGHT LOSS!

I was very hesitant to believe that she found something that would work, and I decided to go for it. My first 8 day didn't work, because I was so discouraged and didn't stick to it. After about a month, I decided to try and not sabotage myself. I lost 11 lbs in my first 8 days, and so far I am down over 30, and still going strong!!! I no longer have those mid day slumps, or hide behind the camera when taking pictures. I have less stress and better sleep, and my husband says he feels like I want him more than I used to. 😉
I also decided to become a coach for those I feared would struggle like I did, and would need the extra encouragement to succeed, because the feeling of feeling better, is like no other. And everyone deserves that. (And the side hustle and all expenses paid free trips is nice too).
I am thankful for this company and systems, and will never look back.

Curious how I did it?

Do you want to earn financial freedom and FREE vacations?!