Your favourite lip balm

Heavin Labios, is derived from Heaven while Labios, in Spanish refers to lips. The name itself brings the overall meaning of ‘Heaven on Lips’. We strive to make a lip product that can soften, hydrate and even the texture of your lips as if it is pampered in heaven.

Company Background


The world of balms has come a long way since early 2000s. In the present days, there are numerous formulas available including stained, tinted, plumping, ranging from cheap to pricey in the market. The hydrating lip balms are still one of the popular choices for consumer in Malaysia to relieve dry and chapped lips.

With the determination to produce a lip product that have the same hydrating ingredients that are constantly look for in skincare products, we establish Heavin Labios, a company that inspire to produce cosmetic products, starting from lip balm that can benefits to both men and women.


Heavin Labios is dedicated to the highest quality of lip balm delivered with style, poise and elegance


• To become the fastest growing cosmetic company in Malaysia.
• To be Malaysian’s most customer-centric company.
• To become the first company in Malaysia that specialize in lip balm making.


LipCrush is a type of lip balm product made from paraffin wax and consists of essential oil such as peppermint. This product helps to moisturise the dry lips and prevent crack to the lips. It keeps the lips glowing and healthy.


1. To produce the best hydrating lip balms that can compete in the existing market.
2. To specialize in the lip balm making that can create a numerous formula for other types of lip balm.
3. To produce the best quality of lip products with affordable price range.

Lipcrush Manufacturing, Processing & Formulation

To produce the lip balm, the raw materials are melted then mixed together in specific quantities. The lip balm tubes are extrusion moulded from plastic, then filled with the lip balm mixture

High Quality Intermediate Product

To achieve high quality of paraffin wax some parameters need to be paid attentions

Cosmetic preparations for facial care, e.g. to soften dry, parched lips are made of natural and synthetic waxes, fats, fatty alcohols, vaseline and ceresin. Their melting point is in the range of 40 C to 50 C. The most important starting materials for the manufacture of lipsticks are various natural and synthetic waxes, fats, fatty alcohols, vaselines, paraffin waxes and dyes. Mechanical strength of the lip balm is achieved by using waxes and microcrystalline paraffin waxes with higher melting points.

Among petroleum products, high-melting microcrystalline paraffin waxes raise the strength and softening point of the lipstick, but are rarely used in amounts exceeding 15 wt%, because they tarnish the gloss of the surface. The melting point of LipCrush varies between 45 C and 65 C. Lower melting types
spread better, while contours are easier to draw with the higher melting lipstick

Safety Requirements

The assessment of the level of safety for a finished product, which in this case any cosmetic product shall be done from at least three (3) aspects namely, ingredients contained, chemical structure, and level of exposure. This is the baseline set out by the NPRA which is also in line with the Article 8(d) of the ASEAN Cosmetics Directive.

The approach in ensuring the safety of a cosmetic product shall took few issues into account as follows:

(a) Careful selection of cosmetic ingredients, making sure that the same will be safe at a given concentration in a given finished product;
(b) Cosmetic products shall not contain ingredients that are prohibited by the local government (Poison Act 1952 and the Guidelines);
(c) Checking local tolerance of the finished product;
(d) Selection of adequate packaging to maintain the quality of the cosmetic products and to avoid, as far as possible, risks of misuse or accident;
(e) Quality control, mainly microbiological and chemical and also stability studies of the cosmetic product’s shelf life and its packaging;
(f) Adequate procedures in case of side effects with the marketed cosmetic product; and
(g) Ensuring corrective action or follow-up, if any visible product change or adulteration is advised from the marketplace.

Labelling Requirement

According to NPRA, an appropriate labelling of the cosmetic products shall appear on its outer packaging or, if there is none, then it will have to be on the immediate packaging of the cosmetic products

The following particulars shall appear as below:

(a) the name of the product and its function;
(b) instructions on the use of the product;
(c) full ingredient listing and must be declared in descending order of weight at the time they are added;
(d) country of manufacture;
(e) the name, address and contact number of the company that holds the relevant license or certificate;
(f) the manufacturing batch number and its manufacturing or the expiry date of the product; and
(g) special precautions to be observed in use.

HALAL Certification

Halal health and beauty products refer to products manufactured, produced, and comprised of ingredients that are "permissible" under Islamic law

Halal health and beauty products refer to products manufactured, Health and beauty product manufacturers can benefit from Halal certification, as it assures their customers that prohibited ingredients are not used in their products. LipCrush is free from these ingredients:

(a) Carmine
A red pigment derived from Cochineal (crushed beetles)
(b) Keratin
A popular ingredient in hair care, but it’s a natural protein often derived from animals
(c) Oleic Acid, Lanolin alcohol and gelatin
All three ingredients are derived from animal matter
(d) Animal fat
Glycerin is often obtained from pork fat (which is haram), as is stearic acid