hello 🌝

halfblood, ARMY.

i don't really share much but this was made to put some of the things i enjoy like music and tv shows/series!

my favorite tv shows/series!

shows that i love

from sitcoms to dystopian sci-fi to comedy-drama that teaches you about sex.

not in particular order.

The Office (US)

a sitcom; i promise you it gets better after the first season! watched it three times. i Love this show to death. some of the popular memes you see on the internet are from the people person's paper people!

unfortunately, the office is not available on netflix anymore :( but there are loads of other sites where you can watch/download them!

Parks and Recreation

some of the producers of the office were also the executive producers and creators of this show!

this is just like the office. i love the dynamic of each characters here and it's just so fricking funny.

The Good Place

this!!! show!!!

please please please give this show a try. it's a fantasy comedy and revolves around the concept of heaven and hell and also tackles about philosophy! (waaaaa!!!)

the wisdom this show has provided me!!!

this is available on netflix (yay!)

The Haunting of Hill House

AAAAA! so i finally watched this and it's really good! the drama, the hidden ghosts, the jumpscares — to which i literally got shook to the core that my soul left my body for a moment. i love this series. it isn't just scary but it also touches topics about grief and mental illness.

i'm actually glad i watched it hahaha!

The Haunting of Bly Manor

the same creators of the hill house!!! it's a different story with some of the familiar casts from the hill house. i also love this one. it still is scary asf lols but i managed through it all.

just, why do their finales always hurt me like that. even with hill house, but this one's finale is more heartbreaking.

Sex Education

i truly love this show.

apparently, talking about sex is still kind of taboo but this show really helped a lot not just regarding (safe) sex but also relationships!

it is one of the most relevant shows out there!

Black Mirror

definitely one of my fav series! makes you think or question even more about the evolving technology.

each episodes have different characters and story but mainly revolves around the consequential possibilities of the manipulative effects of technology that affects their personal lives and behaviors.

you can watch it on netflix!